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Project: Create a homepage and one interior page. Interior page can be done once you win.

NOTE: Please read the current contest comments after you read the brief. There is a lot of information packed into this brief. By reading it and the current contest comments carefully and submitting entries that respond to it you'll have a better chance of creating a winning design. Thanks!

Thanks for checking out our most current project. We have done a number of very successful contests on 99designs and really enjoy working with the community of designers here. We promise to provide quick feedback, detailed responses to anyone who messages us, and a fast decision at the end of the contest. We’re looking forward to working with all of you again.

CloudCrowd connects people who want to work with companies that need work done on-demand. We break large work projects into small tasks, which workers can do one at a time, from anywhere-- over the internet.
Our current website is located at Our platform is built as a Facebook application, which you can visit at

We’re looking for:

1. A corporate, clean, modern replacement for the home page currently at

***Note: Do not use the images on the current site as primary images in the new site.***

This is not a redesign, but a complete replacement that will focus on our corporate customers and prospects.

We do, however, also need two calls-to-action for potential workers to visit our application on Facebook (One near the top of the page, and another in a content box below the primary messaging/graphics).

2. One representative interior page that complements the homepage look and feel and uses the copy currently at

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our target audience is decision makers at companies and organizations ranging from universities to Fortune 500 companies.

A couple of sites we think our target responds well to are:

Our audience is looking for ways to get large projects done quickly, for less money, and with less management. For example, they may have 100,000 photos they need categorized and tagged or need to find the Facebook pages for 20,000 alumni. They either don’t have the resources to do this in-house, or don’t want to ramp up to handle the project and then have to ramp back down when it’s done.

Our solution provides an on-demand workforce that can tackle projects as needed, without the cost and aggravation of hiring permanent employees, or bringing in a large group of temps.

The companies using our services trust us to not only get their work done, but to manage it, and ensure that it’s done accurately without their oversight, so we’re looking for a design that exudes a modern interpretation of professionalism, reliability, and competence. At the same time we want just enough design flair to convey that we’re a technology company with an evolutionary solution.


1. Nav header with: Services, Solutions, News, Company and Contact
2. Visible Call to Action: “Want to Work? Earn Money
3. Rectangular area (more long than it is high) with the copy, “BPO On-Demand” in larger text, with the subtitle, “The Next Evolution of Outsourcing” as a secondary read, and a complementary image- no globes or businessspeople please. See current comments.
4. The rectangular area will rotate copy and images as a slide show, so please include a solution that we can code to allow the user to interact with the slides.
5. Content boxes in a row below:
• Latest News– (This blog feed can be greeked)
• Recent Clients (rotating slideshow of client logos) Use the attached
USC logo.
• White papers/Case Studies Use the white paper title: “How to
Implement BPO On-Demand.”
• Worker Call to Action: “Want to Work? Earn Money
6. CloudCrowd Logo: Please make it white on a blue background.

Images: Feel free to use anything up to three hundred for unlimited use. Getty royalty free, iStock's Vetta images, etc. If you find a killer cheap image that's ok too.

Conventions: See attached branding file.

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