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Need Cool, Updated Design for Non-Profit Choral Group

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Love the arts? Help us take our older non-profit community website and update it with a new, cooler template design. (Basically ONE look that will be used on every page)

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The Metropolitan Chorus

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

The Metropolitan Chorus is a community non-profit chorus based in the Washington, DC area and has been providing music for the greater DC area for over 42 years. 

I volunteer to help with their online marketing and website and am looking to get it totally revamped with a new template we can use for all the pages (and upcoming blog)...and especially a new design with more color instead of our existing B&W design that we've outgrown. (Existing site is at

Even though things have gotten a lot tougher to bring audience membersin and keep the lights on, we're hoping a revamped website can help ourcommunity arts group continue to make music for many more years.

As you can see from the existing site - each page is pretty much the same look - just different content that we plug into it.

The only thing that MUST stay in the new design is "The Metropolitan Chorus" logo you see on the page - and a place for the tagline of "Celebrating xx years of Enchantment" (idealy that should be something we can easily update each year to increase the number).  Also would be nice to keep those testimonials/reviews at the top.

The navigation on the left can remain on the left OR go up top (like does). 

We're looking to get a template that can be easily adapted to use for all the pages.  Also want to have it done in a way that we can add a blog into the template and add a new part to the navigation that says 'blog' since we want to add that into our mix.  And also add a "Free Newsletter" link to the navigation also

(If you can design Wordpress templates too that match the site design please let me know!)

In addition - we want to have an 'upcoming concert' section to the main page.  And change tickets to "Get Tickets"

Look in the sections below for more details.  Any questions?  Just ask! :)  I'm sure we'll have a few more suggestions and tweaks once we see your cool designs...

Payment will be made via our company's PayPal account.  Thanks in advance.  This is be a fun and easy project for the designer who knows what he/she is doing.

- Chris :)

P.S. - A job well done will be rewarded... ;)


- To clarify - this is NOT for a blog.  We're just looking to update the look of the site.  As you can see at, we use the same look on every page.  So we want to update the site design 'template' that we use.
- This is work-for-hire project, so we will own all rights to the completed work.
- Whatever you design must be of your own original creation and/or use elements from the existing site - under NO circumstances should the design be stolen or 'borrowed' from other sites.
- We also want a 30-day clause added if we choose you as the winner (so if we need a few minor tweaks done within 30 days, you can do that for us).
- Definitely want to add MORE color to this site.
- This design should be done in a way that we can make changes to it down the road if needed (so we should get the original .psd files, etc.).
- It should be modular so we can ADD new elements if needed (like the Blog Updates)
- We'd also like to get an HTML template for the design included so we can start copying the content over to the new template.

Ne veut pas

- As this is an arts organization, we don't want this to be a gaudy, loud page.  It should have CLASS and elegance...and a sense of fun. :)

- We want to avoid a flash-based site so that changes can be made to the site easier.

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