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Contemporary design required for Church website

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Stellenberg community church requires a new design. The look and feel for the homepage is required. Clear instructions are provided.

Nom de la marque

Stellenberg Community Church

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Desired Color Scheme:
Match logo

Desired Style:
Contemporary - similar to

Accepted File Formats:
Standard Web Formats (.jpg, .gif or .png); Layered Formats (.psd or .tiff)


- Fixed width 780px.
- Menu - horizontal
- Name: Stellenberg Community Church
- Flash: No flash animation
- Font: The font 'Stell2.TTF' is provided in the zip file 

Downloads (edit - links now work) (logos needed) 8.7MB… (sample print material from the church, photo_strip.jpg) 11.3MB (collection of photos that you may use in the design. You do not have to use the photos) 13.9MB


Look and Feel

Stellenberg Community Church is a North Point Strategic Partner. Another strategic partner is . The website should have a similar look and feel to .
The style of the website should appeal to people who normally do not go to church. The look and feel should be contemporary and attractive. Even if a person has never been to a church before they should feel welcomed by the design. The design should not look like a traditional church website. Eg here is a sitepoint contest that we had of a more traditional church look and feel: . The site should NOT be like this.

Colors should match the logo, however as you can see from the sample print material, the church is open to experimenting with different colors.


Guidelines for the look and feel
The look and feel should match the church's identity. Here are some of the church's print material to give you a feel:

- sample_print_item.pdf
- sample_print_item_2.pdf
- sample_print_item_3.pdf
- sample_print_item_4_CD.jpg  


Home Page

This contest relates to the design of the homepage.

The homepage must fit on one page (no scroll bar). The homepage contains 3 prominent icons/logos/photos:
• Main Service (choose a suitable icon/picture/photograph)
• Kidstuf logo - (kidstuf_logo.eps)
• Contact Info (choose a suitable icon/picture/photograph)
The above three icons/links should have a mouse over effect.
NB!! Homepage must contain photo_strip.jpg in some form.
The homepage must also list 3 upcoming events (see for an example):
Sample data:
- Church Picnic - Sun 2 March
- Faze one Event - Fri 7 March
- Transformers - Fri 7 March
Then have a 'View Calendar' link near the events.

The following elements must also be included on the homepage:

- logo.png (black writing) or logo_white_writing.gif (white writing)
- photo_strip.jpg. How this is included is up to you. It could be horizontal/vertical/fade in and out ...
- Link that says: 'North Point Strategic Partner'
- Slogan: "The place where people love to bring their friends" 

The menu will be a javascript popup menu. The menu should be horizontal:
* Home
* Main Service
* Kidstuff
* Weekend Events
* Directions
* Next Step
* About Us
* Group Life
* Watch/Listen
* Contact Us


The website should have a footer that has shrinked versions of the logos:

- Main Service (choose a suitable icon/picture/photo)
- Kidstuf logo - kidstuf_logo.eps
- Building Blocks (Logo in building_blocks.pdf)
- Transformers (logo still being designed - use text for now)
- Faze One (faze_one.tiff)
- Group Link (group_link_logo.tiff)
- Contact Info (choose a suitable icon/picture/photo) 

Additional Pages:

This contest is for the design of the homepage only. The winning designer will be asked to design additional banners for sub pages (5 or 6 banners). Keep this in mind when designing the homepage, so that your design can incorporate different banners at a later stage. For example have a look at these two pages on redstone that have different banners:


The banners that are needed in the future (not to be included in this contest):

- Building Blocks (banner will incorporate logo in building_blocks.pdf)
- Group Link (banner will incorporate group_link_logo.tiff)
- Kidstuf (banner will incorporate the kidstuf logo)
- Transformers (logo still being designed)
- Faze One (faze_one.tiff) 

Please post a comment or PM me if something is not clear. I look forward to seeing your ideas, and will endeavor to post replies as quickly as possible.


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