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Consumer Direct Website for Established Mortgage Bank

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Nom de l'entreprise



Directors Financial Group is a medium sized mortgage banker licensed in 12 states including California.

Directors Financial has thrived around a strong and genuine belief in the "customer for life" principal of doing business is what fuels this company. Referrals from previous customers and local real estate professionals have always delivered the majority of the Company's production.

Directors Financial Group is launching a new retail business called myRateCall.

MyRateCall is designed to be a web destination and service of DFG where consumers can receive the latest information about rates and products via any channel they wish – email, phone call, SMS, tweet, etc.

We will be determining the core look and feel of the site in this Phase I project. While our core initial offering will be mortgages, we want the overall look and feel to be more like some of the more successful general financial sites and less like other existing mortgage sites. However, studying the identified mortgage vertical competitors will provide you with a concept of the core functionality we’ll use for mortgage pages (rates, calculators, etc.).

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Homeowners looking to refinance or purchase a home as well as insure and improve it.


General Usability:

-- The site must be modern, clean, and easy to understand. We will reject designs that appear confusing to users (avoid clutter). Corporate but not flashy.
-- Incorporate design best practices for other online companies.

Technical Details:

-- Need all PSD as well as PC compatible font files delivered
-- Optimize images for load time – we would prefer .png
-- Template/Design has to be CMS agnostic (can be used with ANY content management systems)
-- Navigational elements should NOT be images
-- Adhere to Usability and Accessibility standards (text navigation, optimized images, cross-browser compatible, etc.)
-- Standard elements like Footer, Header, Side Navigation should be:
-- In text, styled with CSS
-- Arranged in an easy to navigate experience
-- We understand you will not be providing CSS code

Nombre de pages


Description de la page

Please see the accompanying PDF file for the general design of the logo and site examples.

In addition to the core home page mortgage offering, we will offer complimentary “SmartCredit” and “HomeIQ” channels, which for purposes of Phase I will be a somewhat awkward presentation of our partner’s offerings under our header and footer on a generic “channel page”.

We are seeking the following designs:

-- homepage that can be cloned for other products , used for general pages such as support, contact, education/FAQs
and for their myRateCall page – their homepage where they can modify their “Rate Calls” (alerts), see progress of their mortgage or get a grade that will score them as to how easy it will be for them to get a mortgage or sell their home --
-- generic "conversion-focused" landing page that can be cloned for other products

Site Web existant

Please use the existing sites ( and minimally as reference points to the look and feel of the parent bank as we will be referring and linking to DFG in a “powered by” capacity only. The new site should have a new, unique but compatible look and feel. Right now all of our DM web traffic goes through…oanapp.asp.

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