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Company with New Logo Wants a Fresh Web (2.0) Page Design

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We just updated our logo and are ready for a brand new look and feel for our website!

We are a medical transcription company that provides high quality transcription services to acute care hospitals, clinics and ancillary services. We are committed to honesty, integrity and quality when dealing with our clients, vendors, employees, and contractors.

Our goal is to communicate these indispensable values to our customers, starting with a winning web design!

We will provide constant feedback on your submissions so that you have a great idea of the direction that we want to go. We can't wait to see your ideas!

See our rating system below.

Nom de la marque

AMT Transcription

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

We want a design that is of a web 2.0 look and feel, and is professional, modern, and stylish.

The overall design should pretty much coordinate our new logo and branding.

Here is the link to our old site:
Warning: It cannot be viewed properly with a Mozilla Firefox browser. We will correct that, of course, with the new site.

Here is the link so you can download and see the NEW logo:

Here are some sites that we like, but PLEASE use your creativity. We are open to ANY idea as long as it incorporates our logo and branding and meets the requirements in the "What I Want" section below: Layout, white background, contact on every page  Layout, white background color
You can "Google" the keyword phrase "medical transcription services" to find additional competitors, but here are a few more of their sites:
(Of course, there are many more than these.)
Rating System:
1 star - Acknowledgement that we have now seen your submission; NOstars means that we have not yet reviewed it; and thanks to all whosubmit! (
(Just because you only get ONE start does NOT mean that we don't like it, it may be that we have not been able to review your design as a group yet and vote on it.)

2 stars - We are starting to like the direction that you are taking; needs more revisions; look for our feedback.

3 stars - We are REALLY liking the direction, but we still need some revisions.

4 stars - Wow, you are really close to the design we want; look for feedback.

5 stars - You are probably going to win!


- Use your creativity, but here are a few of our likes...
- We want a vertical menu across the top.
- Integrate the logo in the header at the top left (or right)
- We want an opt-in box on the top right-hand side (ABOVE the fold) Here is an example site where the opt-in is as required:
(What we mean by "optin-box above the fold" is simply an e-mail or newsletter subscription box that is high enough so that it can be seen on the average user's computer screen without them having to scroll down.)
Don't worry too much about the design of this box, as we will most likely be re-styling this ourselves on a regular basis. Just account space-wise for one at the top-right, just below the header.
 - Match the site coloring to the logo
- Most light or white background
- FYI...we  will more than likely have your design coded into a WordPress site.
- Here is a suggested menu:
Our Services
Contact Us
- Footer section:
The footer section will have the following small type links, (centered) at the bottom of every page:
Privacy Policy
Contact Us
Site Map
At the VERY bottom (centered) should be this:
© 2009 AMT Transcription. All Rights Reserved.

Ne veut pas

- We wish to stay away from blues (coloring).
- If you do use a template to get started and modify it via CSS it absolutely needs to different than when you started so we have a unique look and feel - unlike any other site out there.

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