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Chat Mobs: Phone roulette/social conferencing service design gig

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We are a telecom/web company. Half of our business is running tried and true services like international long distance calling, while the other half is spent in the lab trying to create fun new products that bring people together.

Chat Mobs is a two part social conference calling service.

First: we offer a phone version of chat roulette. Users call in and get connected randomly to people from around the world. Each person is connected to someone else. If they click with that person they can talk as long as they want. If they don't, they just need to push a button and are connected to someone new.

Second: we offer a social conferencing service. Callers can create their own conference calls about anything and post it onto the website. Say you just saw the most recent episode of Lost and want to talk to other fans. You can create a Lost conference listing on the website. The listing will contain the dial in information for the conference and anyone can dial in to talk about Lost.

Our conference service can also be used as a safe way to have one on one followup discussions with people you meet on our phone roulette service. By agreeing to a time and conference ID number, you both can dial into the conference service in the future and be connected to each other without having to exchange any personal information like your phone number or email.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Chat Mobs is aimed at anyone who wants to talk on the phone and is an adult. We are looking to provide an alternative to for people who either do not have a web cam, or are not comfortable with the random nudity/wildness that takes place on that website.

Chat Mobs is going to be open to users worldwide through access numbers in the US, UK, Australia, Japan, South Africa etc...We are looking to attract a 20+ year old audience who's intrigued by the idea of talking to strangers either in a random conversation or by joining a scheduled conference call about a shared interest.

We want people to feel encouraged to try the service, to get random and talk to a stranger, but to know that they are in an environment where they are safe to explore. They will be anonymous on the service. No one can see them, they can't see the person on the other end of the line, and no personally identifiable information is revealed.

We are looking to update the chat service product from those late night party line ads you remember seeing a decade ago and recast the experience in an updated Social Web 2.0 (buzzwords!) light.

A great design is going to make women feel like they want to give our service a try, that they have nothing to lose by just giving it a call, and that they have control over the experience.


We are looking for a home page design that includes:

1. A logo
2. A color scheme
3. Page layout
4. Font set
5. Icons/supporting graphics

The design should be open and inviting. It should be professional and polished. We are looking for a balance of fun and control. The user should get the impression that they are going to have a good time using the service, and should get the feeling that the company operating the service is professional and worthy of their trust.

Attached is a wireframe giving a crude mockup of the basic page structure. In the main content area, the top two sections should promote our two calling services (phone roulette and conference calls). The section underneath that will provide some general information about the site and then include three columns with specific information about the service.

Other than not using a black background, our only other design requirement be that whatever you produce should be easy to code using CSS/HTML/Javascript. Flourishes, sophistication in your images/backgrounds are great, just nothing that would be impossible for us to transfer into actual page code.

Have fun with this design, come up with something that makes a visitor to the site want to pick up the phone and talk to someone they have never met before.

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