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Cattle Ranch needs Website - Cowboy Up!!!

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Rattles Ranch


In 2005, My wife and I bought a small cattle ranch (153 acres) in Southern Colorado. We named it RATTLES Ranch after our family
R - Roger - Me
A - Any ("Annie") - Our dog
T - Tighe - Our son
T - Tiff - Another dog
L - Lisa - My wife
E - Eva - Our daughter
S - Scott - Another dog
(Files of everyone are attached)
We are 2 miles outside the town of La Veta (pop.901, elevation 7,100'), Colorado in Huerfano County in beautiful Southern Colorado. the exact address is:
Roger & Lisa Mullarkey
Rattles Ranch
P.O. Box 901
1759 CR 450
La Veta, CO 81055
(719) 742-6348.
We raise beef cattle through our company (T&E Land and Cattle) every summer and only grass feed them. We are NOT organic even though everthing we do probably is. We run our cattle under three different cattle brands. My brand ("Sunburst R, Reversed R", which I use on hats, jackets and t-shirt) is the RR file attached to this brief. Eva has a terrific brand =< "Double Bar, Lazy V". Tighe's brand is MOO. Brands are considered personal property and an important personality of the ranch.
I live full-time in New York (work in NYC) but my family is originally from the area (nearby town, Walsenburg). The local high school, John Mall High School, is named after my Granddad. My Grandma, Laura Mall, was an active member of the community. We absolutely love the area and have done our best to give what little we can back.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Friends, relatives, visitors (invited) to the ranch and the area. I am trying to provide a website for those people who may be interested in visiting or have plans to visit. The website would provide info (macro & micro) about the ranch. The website would also provide things "To Do" in the area.
I also have a webcam as well as a weather station. Many locals love to log onto the weather station by going to They then go to zip code 81055 and use the drop down menu for Rattles Ranch.
Tha webcam can be accessed by


The website address is Don't worry, I know it's terrible, that's why I am reaching out to YOU CREATIVE EXPERTS! I'm NOT looking to sell the ranch but I am looking to sell the AREA. Bright, Bold, Informative, FUN! should be the theme of this website.
A color scheme using green is preferred. Like I said earlier, I am NOT organic but we have used several different shades with RR logo for hats and t-shirts and like it. I'd also like an area to show pictures (both old and new), create a blog/guestbook, tell the family history as well as recent news. For example; the Eckley Liquor photo that is attached, is a painting of my Great-Grandma's, "MamMam", liquor store that she opened when she was 90 years old.
As dumb as this sounds, I'd also like an area for important names and numbers should something go wrong (see I told you it would be micro and macro) while staying at the ranch. I know of several important links that people can use when visiting the area. Lastly, I have a account for additional pictures. I'm truely game for anything you guys suggest. I have an endless supply of photos (old & new) of friends, family and us at the ranch. Just ask and you shall receive!
I will be happy to provide quick, accurate and detailed feedback. Please don't hesitate to contact me with ANY questions as often as you would like.

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