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Nom de la marque

Blue Chip Customer Engineering


Established in 1987; Blue Chip Customer Engineering LTD is an international specialist IT support services company.

The company ethos to "Get the job done" is visible in all areas from the warehouse personnel, technical staff, accounts personnel, sales and management teams, this combined with our continual training and flexibility, has led to our continuing success.

We are the largest independent IBM Midrange specialist in the UK but also provide numerous other areas of expert specialist service and our focus is always on delivering extremely high levels of customer service.

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Our market is entirely business to business, therefore we are trying to grab the attention of professionals in a fiercely competitive industry with clear, concise and informative page content whilst making contacting us/ submitting an enquiry as accessible and inviting as possible form a usability perspective.


We are looking to redesign our ‘Contact Us’ page entirely, whilst retaining a similar look and feel to other pages on the website, in order to increase the number of enquiries and sales leads we generate from this page.

Additionally, we would also like to see a more generic content page that could be used site wide (again this should not depart too much from the current design) and this must include design for drop down menus to appear along the primary navigation bar along the top of each page.
Key Points

1. The ‘Contact Us’ page design should aim to provide the necessary functionality already on the page in a more modern and enticing fashion whilst remaining true to the current general look of the website.

2. The generic content page must include a drop down menu box to appear when a headline category is hovered over in the horizontal menu across the top of the site. The options in the horizontal menu should see ‘Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery’, ‘Managed Services & IT Outsourcing’, Hardware Sales & Ad-hoc Services’ and ‘IBM Maintenance’ replace the following options ‘Testimonials’, Careers’, ‘Partners’ and ‘Sponsorship’ respectively.

3. Please feel free to use the images already on the website but any stock images must be declared.

4. The final project should be delivered as a layered .psd file as the final product (RGB) and a PDF version would be appreciated.

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The two pages I would like designed are:

1. The ‘Contact Us’ page, in keeping with the current design across the website/ redesign for generic content page (see below).

2. A generic content page, which must include a design for a drop down menu to appear along the horizontal menu across the site. This design may ultimately be used as the template for all other pages on the site.

Contact Us Page:
This page should retain similar features to the rest of the website whilst improving upon the current ‘actions’ on the page. The calls to action should be more visible and more attractive to visitors arriving on this page. The main purpose of the page is to generate leads by obtaining information from visitors interested in our services and products.

General Content Page:
The content page should not depart from the current colour scheme of the website but we are open to the text within the left hand navigation being made more visible and images being moved around/ resized and content layout being altered.

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Here is an example of a website of a business in a similar industry that we like:

Here is an example of a competitor's design we don’t like:

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