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"Become a Private Investigator" Website Needs a Serious Makeover

ScottHarrell avait besoin d'un nouveau design de page web et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Double-O Designers and Artists:

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, will be to redesign the homepage from scratch. The successful agent will be rewarded accordingly. Communication and feedback from CH headquarters will not be a problem (no super secret decoder ring necessary).

Will you be able to crack the code and provide the winning design against all odds and clever competitors?

This contest will self destruct in 3 days...

Nom de la marque

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise? Redesign

We need an uncoded home page designed.

Purpose will be used primarily to sell an online course about becoming a private investigator and needs to be revamped completely.


I like simple and clean. Emphasis should be on getting the visitor to order the online course. The site must be easy to navigate and uncluttered so that the visitor will have the ability to concentrate on the information being read on the current page.

Graphics in the header should be included to help promote an overall feel of investigation, intrigue, mystery and action within the site.

I dislike the cliché use of friendly faces, groups of people huddled together or around a desk in a meeting, on the phone, etc., etc. and no references to Sherlock holmes, Magnum PI or his Ferrari please. ;-)

If we are going to use pictures of people, I would prefer to see them with long lensed cameras or looking through binoculars or with a radio in their hand.

I understand that I might have to pay for images used in your design.

I do not have any set ideas on color though I do prefer bold colors and not pastels. Please include a sample “rollover” color for navigation buttons in the design mock up.

Do not worry about including copy/text in the design; “lorem ipsum” is fine. I will have the coder/developer insert newly written text later. Keep in mind that the home page will include a lot of copy regarding the course and its benefits; essentially the home page will be the main sales pitch.

A box should be included somewhere on the home page for a content feed from the blog.

Navigation (layout is initially up to the designer):


The PI Course
Free Chapter
About CPI
Contact Us

Login Box (Username and Password)

Navigation at the bottom of the page:

The following copyright notice should be at the bottom of each page:  © 2008 CompassPoint Investigations, Inc.


I've had a couple of private massages now asking about what types of sites I like and the design elements that catch my eye.

I found a few websites that caught my eye for one reason or another so I will do myt best to explain:…914VVq7ihg

I like this because it is about a single theme and they have built upon that theme. What I like most is the "action" I fee when looking at the design. The overall layout and colors are not what I am looking for though.

I am a HUGE FAN of the use of the use of magnifying class bringing detail into focus in the header like in the website…s/binfousa

That use of the magnifying glass is one of the best I have seen.

Other examples of the concept can be found in the headers at and at http://www.bondforfeitures

I can tell you that I also like the "2.0 look;" a graphic header with menu boxes on the left and right side would be very appropriate.

I like the dark gray/ light gray and red color combination used in the "media mogul" theme template at perhaps throw in some blue as in the "carbonite" theme "user 4 middle position" box.

While these are joomla templates- I am not looking for a joomla site.

Hope fully this helps a little. I'd say let creativity be your guide.


- Action
- Intrigue
- Mystery
- Creative Designers
- Simple Navigation
- A content box on the home page where latest updates from the blog will be fed.
- A professional look

Ne veut pas

- Templates
- A lack of originality
- Cartoons or a cartoony feel
- Campy cliches

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