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Backend UI and HomePage Needed for Advertising Network

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Clicksaw is a PPV (pay per view) advertising network. What this means is that if you are selling car insurance we can target your advertisement on,,, etc.

We are striving to make the most easy to use but highly effective network and want a really sleek design.

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Our target audience are two different groups of people.

1) We need to impress potential investors and advisors. We have working software but the backend interface looks like crap and the front page is a simple email capture lander -- we need to make it look good for these people.

2) Online affiliate marketers and advertising agencies are our second target group. This group is used to seeing crappy web interfaces as the industry is filled with them -- but we want to set the bar and have something that looks awesome and is EASY to use.


We need 2 pages designed.

The first page is a homepage. Right now it is just a simple email capture form -- but we would like it to be much more than that -- a full fledged webpage.

The second page is an internal page that you would log into see. It allows you to create advertising campaigns and control them, as well as track stats. If you have ever used google adwords or facebook ads you know what we kinda need.

I've attached 2 screenshots for some of the backend (yes, this is why we are having you re-design it for us :)

Please do not use flash or if you do very little of it.

I'm very responsive so please ask any questions you have as soon as possible.

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* front page for

* internal template for the backend
this is comprised mostly of tables and graphs

I want transparent boxes around the datagrids w/rounded-corners

maybe have a little chainsaw sprite up at the top of the screen?

I want a gradient or textured background

I'd prefer to have the logo meld into the background

Site Web existant -- front page

This needs to be more than just a email capture form. We need a way to describe our service (providing traffic to advertisers). We need a clear call to action to signup (for now this should just be an email capture). We need a stunning page to sell people on our service. -- link to the inside portion of the website

I've attached screenshots for these. Basically this page should make it as painless as possible to create a new campaign and view the information. Most of this information is in a tabular format.

I'd like to see a nice way to put more money into the user's account as well -- like input box for money and submit and bam!

Exemples de sites web

front page:

I like mint's:…495561.jpg

I like mailchimps:

I like heroku's:


I like mailchimp's backend

these are ok:…nterfaces/

this is really rad -- I almost want to steal it -- it should give you a clear idea of the quality/style I am wanting:…entries/13

I especially like the account summary part

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