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We need an amazing designer to help us create the world’s easiest baby and pregnancy journal. The winning design will wow our customers with its simple elegance. Impress us with your design and there will be more work -- there’s much more that needs to be done for this website.

Here’s the simple explanation of the site’s offering:

How It Works:
1. Every day we will send you an email asking you "How did baby's day go"?
2. You hit reply and type as much or as little as you want. (You can even attach photos if you like.)
* That's it! You end up with a baby journal that captures all of your little one's moments.

The design will be:
** Simple-as-can-be. Adorely must be the baby journal that busy parents will actually use.
** Tactile. Tactile design elements will invoke physical journals so parents don’t miss the feel of paper.
** Pitch-perfect. meets meets physical baby memory book.
** Sophisticated and fun. This site is for mom, not for the kids-- it shouldn’t be kiddy, busy, or loud.
** Gender-neutral. We like rich colors that work for moms of babies of both genders.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

New and expecting moms, ages 25-35+, with more money than time.


After reviewing initial designs, I've come up with some additional guidelines for everyone.

** The Post page will often **Not have any photos**. The page must work in that case. I'd prefer it if, going forward, you would submit a version of that page **both with and without** photos. Most designs I'm seeing won't work without photos.

** We are much more interested in *simple* and *elegant*. cute and fun are great, but not at the cost of simple and elegant.

example 1:
example 2:…-57-1028FN

Please follow these rules for the welcome page:

1. There must be a BIG, PROMINENT "Sign Up" or "Sign Up - It's Free" button above the fold.

2. The Sign Up button must stand out compared with any other elements on the page.

3. The Tagline "World's Easiest Baby Journal" must be above the fold for a small browser window and very easy to read.

4. The main part of the page cannot be consumed with a photo.


Design a logo and two key pages (Welcome page and Post page) for Adorely, a baby journal site. Look and feel is critical-- it should be fun and sophisticated and tactile. And easy easy easy -- nothing should feel hard or complicated.

Include a logo that is simple, easy to read, and fits in with the rest of the site. In addition to the name (“Adorely”), we are not sure whether or not we will want an image/figure/character to go with it-- use your best judgment or show it to us both ways. Overall site look-and-feel is much more important than an impressive stand-alone logo. Examples of logos we like are listed below.

The welcome screen must draw people in with its beauty and simplicity and a clear and compelling offering. The most important part of the page will be a prominent sign up button-- the overarching goal is to get people to click that button.

This view is the heart of the journal and must wow moms with its beauty and simplicity while showcasing the all-important journal entry. It should make moms feel good about keeping the journal, and be so tactile they are tempted to feel their computer screen.

Detailed requirements on the welcome page and post page below. Also, see the attached very rough wireframes, but do not be limited by how the pages are laid out-- I’m not a designer. That’s why I’m here.

Nombre de pages


Description de la page


* People to learn about the service to determine whether they want to sign up.
* People who have already signed up to log in
* People who want to sign up to create an account

It consists of the following parts:
* Header: Logo, Sign Up link, Login link
* Call to action -- Sign Up
* How It Works pitch
* Footer: Contact Us, FAQ, Privacy Policy, About Us

* Viewing a single post, including date of post, baby’s age, photos, and text.
* Navigation between single posts.
* Editing of a post

Consists of the following parts:
* Header (Logo, Settings link, Logout link)
* Navigation between Posts
- Older
- Newer
- Jump To -- pops over a calendar that enables jumping to the date of a different post
- View All -- goes to a view with all posts
* The Actual Post
- Date of post
- Age of baby e.g. 3 weeks 2 days old. If pre-birth, displays the weeks and days into pregnancy. e.g. 28 weeks 3 days pregnant.
- Photos -- first photo is included at the top of the post, any additional photos are included in a “filmstrip” below the photo. Clicking an image from the filmstrip will change the featured photo. Remember, photos will be absent more often than not: The page must be great even without photos.
- Text
- Edit and Delete links or buttons
* Footer: Contact Us, FAQ, Privacy Policy, About Us

Exemples de sites web

Example Websites: -- Love the logo, the colors, the little baby character. -- Love the simplicity, the easy user interface, the tactile design elements (e.g. the linen paper background). This site basically offers what we plan to offer, but for personal journals rather than baby journals.

Examples of texture we like (largely from physical products):…eepers-and…berry.html -- Ribbon gives a tactile feel, the overlapping “name tag” also lends some physical, 3D element to it.…tes-celery…-you-notes…tes-autumn…nille.html -- (Though not the color-- too girly)

Colors we like:…nouncement…-57-1028FN…tes-autumn

Others design elements we like:: -- cute logo -- I like the hand-drawn, script feel of the facebook, twitter, and mailing list links. Perhaps lends to tactile feel. -- Like the classiness, the background, the fonts, but prefer warmer colors. Don’t like the figures in the logo. -- cute logo…-57-1028FN -- cute bird
We like the texture and detail on the BACK of these cards:…-54FN-041G (green dots lining the bottom),…6-55-FN005 (textured background)

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