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Artistic web for Shake-a-Friend

sujito avait besoin d'un nouveau design de page web et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Nom de la marque



We are building a new way of social engagement based on tailored randomisation. The key theme is “Shake”, and these are the characteristics:

- Shake-a-Friend is super intuitive and easy to use. It should take you less than 3 seconds to know what you have to do, which is basically touch the button “Shake!”, to start shaking and be connected to a new random person for a chat conversation. Once you have shaked for the first time, you can start to build your profile so that the shakes are more tailored to your interests.
- You can kill time
- You can have insightful conversations with people you don’t know
- You are likely to find people who share your interests

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our target market is mobile users between 18-35, 50% male, 50% female, with high education and interests to share.


In terms of web, we need only one page which includes the following:

1. Chat window in the middle. This chat window should be the biggest part of the screen. Our requirement here is to have a nice little chat window box (perhaps curved edges, or not, as you prefer), with pretty background and fonts. For example, think about the iphone´s sms, where you have clouds for each comment. We don´t think we want this, but we want to see different options of how the chat window could look pretty.

2. A big button
We want a big button called “shake”. You can use the logo (which we already have and have attached to the contest) to play with this button.

3. A footer
We want a really really really nice footer. This is where we will put all the main information, including “Why SaF”, “about”, etc. so it´s likely to be one of those thick footers.

Nombre de pages


Description de la page

4. Four boxes with different content. All of them can have the same style, or different (or you might think we don´t need boxes!). It depends on what you think makes it easier for the user to read and understand.
- My profile box: This includes such things as gender, age, a list of interests, location and language selection fields.And also something called “Chakra” or energy points (which the user does not select, this is given to him/her). We would need a representation of something with 7 levels (it could be a pretty heptagon or concentric circles or something you can think of), which will be illuminated as people gather points.
- My friends profile (similar to the previous, but here there are no fields for the user to complete, they are just “labels”).
- Topics of interest (it would be a list of 2 columns with up to 10 lines each). This topics of interest box is likely to appear and disappear with Ajax when the user requires it. This includes the option for the user to “select all” for each column, or select one by one.
- Personal topics of interest:
The same as the previous, but this includes a field where the user can enter her own topic

Site Web existant

We don´t have a website, but this is what we are looking for:

Clean: We want people to feel good when they enter the page, we want them to want to come back, to use it again. The page needs to be self-contained in 1024x768, apart from the bottom of the footer (the beginning of the footer should be within those 768). We want it clean and easy to read.

Footer: We like beautiful footers (some of these are great:…and-ideas/, a bit out of the box). Some other here:…r-designs/

Boxes: Our service will have several boxes, including “box for your personal profile”, “box for your friend’s profile”, “box for chat window”, “box for topics of interest”, etc. They could be different or similar or just different in colour, but those boxes need to be beautiful. They are likely to be animated later with AJAX to hide and show up.

General: We like bold cartoons and animations. You can use the logo to have an idea for the boxes, headers, the footer, and for other little objects that you might want to design. We like simple backgrounds which don’t mislead people, minimalistic or light garage designs. Simple is good, ART is critical. Be artistic, enjoy designing. We want to see your creativity, we are willing to take risks. Show us a page where there are no footers nor background, where the page is just a tree, or perhaps the shadow of a cube.

Color: Those of the ambar-orange cube logo should in principle be the base.

Exemples de sites web

Footer: We like beautiful footers (some of these are great:…and-ideas/, a bit out of the box). Some other here:…r-designs/

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