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Artist Profile page of our current Electronic Music website

riteshn avait besoin d'un nouveau design de page web et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Nom de la marque

Présentation is an uncluttered oasis of music, news, information, discussion board and social networking for electronic music. A homegrown algorithm determines the ranking of each beam with inputs such as number of times played, downloaded, comments, vote and time of submission. The primary motive of is to let all fans of electronica and various sub-genres thereof ( Blunted Jazz, Chemical Disco, Alchemic Chillout, Minimum Gabber and 16,643 other categories) to converge, learn, un-learn from each other in the easiest, fastest possible interface backed by a steroid-enriched engine worked upon by caffeine-induced coders.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Electronic music producers, labels, artists, djs, listeners, fans, partygoers, audiophiles.


NOTE: Whenever we mention the term Beam, its a music track/album/link upload that one does at our site. The site is very much like or

There's one thing i like to highlight. allows anyone to register. Obviously, the user pref interface allows you to check WHO you are. So, either you are artist who wants to upload ORIGINAL tracks, or you are a listener who may SUBMIT only external links. SImilar to and We differentiate MUSIC as original music uploaded by artists and external links as LINK submitted by anyone.

Now, by default, everyone has a profile. Even the listeners. We want you to design the profile keeping in mind the Artists because this will help them promote themselves to others. We want this to be a marketing tool for them so that they can include in their Myspace, Facebook profile etc. Bandcamp and Sayvee are examples of websites that does just that.

An Artist profile page should look like the real deal. It should provide all such information that any regular fan would like to see of their artist. We think captures all such details in a nice, clean layout.

Obviously, they have a little too much going on there but we'd definitely like to see the following :

1. Share
2. Basic Information
3. Bio
4. Songs/Albums
5. Stats
6. Official Website link

We have been debating if we want to retain the Beams beamed by an artist but some examples of the same seem to hog a lot of space and divert attention from the Artist, who whould be the real focus. So, we'd rather do away with the Beams entirely.
Instead, We can insert a player with 10 latest tracks of the artist. The current player that we use is dew player but just recently we encountered a bug for multi track player. We would like you to look into since we are also planning the same. You may also look at the mixcloud popup player. If an artist has more than 10 tracks, then we can just put a beveled link like tunecore 'See more ..' or something similar.
7. Also, we like the gradient color scheme of It looks very clean. Just something we thought we'll mention and see if you can get some ideas from there.


You may use the entire page. We don't want to retain the Tag cloud, Submit, Recent Visit in the Artist profile page.

If you don't understand anything about our site, please ask us since it's very important you know what is it we are trying to do.

Nombre de pages


Description de la page

1. Artist Picture
2. Artist bio. The above link shows what details we ask of the artist.
4. We want to have a player instead of the beams. Read Requirements section to learn more.
5. Color : Please use our existing color scheme from the main page. Also, as mentioned above in Requirements, we like the color scheme of
6. Aesthetics : This according to us is of the highest priority and also something that cannot be put in words. It's also an attribute that is probably different for different individuals but i believe you should get a sense of it from the example profile sites listed below.

Site Web existant

We are the developers of Beamto.Us. Check out current site at In this project, we are looking to overhaul the design of our artist profile page. E.g.

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