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Amazing Take N' Bake Pizza Restaurant Website

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Nom de la marque

Bake 425


Bake 425 offers unique take and bake pizzas. We sell uncooked pizza to consumers to bake at home in their ovens. Bake 425 sells organic, natural pies with gourmet toppings. We are looking for a website that feels simple, organic and homey. For more info on the Take N' Bake concept, please view the attached files.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

The Bake 425 website is focused towards our consumers. Some of those consumers are Mothers, who are looking to pick up dinner with little cleanup and cooking, and pizza lovers who like unique toppings and delicious pizza. We also cater to anyone looking for an easy organic pizza in the comfort of their own home.


This website should blow people away! This website is focused on attracting and selling new customers on the bake at home concept!

We would like to be provided everything we would need in a layered PSD to turn that into a full HTML/CSS based page. So, any unusual fonts or stock images used would need to be included.

We are open to any design that feels natural and organic but is also easy to use and professional. Simplicity is also a major factor.

The website must fit regular resolution/size Internet browsers.

Our logo should be represented in the header of the page, preferably on the left. We are open to other options. (Please see logo attached)

We like organic colors with the addition of maroon (like the ones on ).

We like a barn/country sketched out theme around the page, but are open to other ideas(like the ones on, but this is not required )

We are interested in seeing a sketched out farm scene at the top of the page with fields and a barn.

Each page should have an organic feel with sketches and doodles (see ).

Please see the menu bar options in the attached file.

Nombre de pages


Description de la page

We need 3 drop dead amazing unique pages for Bake 425. The theme of the restaurant is organic and natural, and this should be stressed.

The first page is the home page. This should have the incorporation of product shots, information about our natural ingredients. This and all of the other pages should have an organic and natural feel. The user interface should be simple and easy to navigate. We would like the navigation on the top of the page.

The “Know Your Farmer” page should incorporate information about our partners who supply ingredients. The subcategories that should be linked here is partners, organic farming and locally sourced. We like the use of the notebook that is used on the Chipotle website. The user should immediately be able to see what we serve (natural and organic) and our partners. The organic and natural theme should continue on this page.

The “Take N’Bake” page should incorporate information about what Take N’ Bake pizza is and its benefits. There should be a link or section for cooking instructions and ready when you are. Many consumers are new to Take N’Bake Pizza’s so this page will be used to describe the benefits and other information. The user should immediately be able to understand the take and bake pizza concept. The organic and natural theme should continue on this page.

Site Web existant


Exemples de sites web We love the feel of this webpage. We like the color scheme (brown and maroon) with the organic feel. We especially like the incorporation of the different color on the Food With Integrity page. We like the sketch feel around the edges around the edges of the page. We like how this page feels less commercial and is easy to navigate. The addition of the pencil and natural feel is a nice addition. We do not like the commercial feel of this page. The page is focused around the coupons and the navigation is too different. The picture in the background also makes it difficult to see the page. Dislike the graphics of the page. Want a more modern and simple feel. The user interface also needs improvement.

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