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New Splash / Landing Page in CSS

tykelly avait besoin d'un nouveau design de site codé et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Create a landing page

Nom de la marque

101 Music Contracts

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Protect your music, protect yourself! Get It In Writing!

Desired Color Scheme:
Lets see what you have, bright, crisp and profesional

Desired Style:
Up to date web 2.0 look

Accepted File Formats:
Standard Web Formats (.jpg, .gif or .png); Layered Formats (.psd or .tiff); css

I’m looking for someone to create a clean looking landing page and template for the site’s content pages.
We are looking for something in CSS and possibly optimized big time for our most competitive group of keywords.
We are looking for something that looks like a cross between…ndex2.html
I just saw this and this one looks nice as well:…ries/46621
The site must be clean and bright, yet still very professional looking.
Things that the site must have or that we must be able to do on the page once you re-create it;
#1- It must have an area “Above the foldâ€, on the right hand side where our optin form can go to collect names, emails and other info as needed. It also must work with both and forms (we change back and forth between the two whenever testing) I’ll give you code for both so you can make it work as needed
#2- Below the fold we need;
A- A box that promotes our free CD “The 7 Golden Secrets to Success in the Music Industry†(we will give you this image)…1White.jpg
B- A small, non distracting area to list a few testimonials complete with text, audio and pictures of the customers who gave them (we’ll give you this text, pic and audio code)
C- An area to showcase 6-9 of our products. Similar to what you se over at…ndex2.html
(We’ll give you these images as well)
D- A small picture of myself, a short blurb from me and my signature, again similar but NOT a copy of what you see here:…ndex2.html
#3- We must be able to change the headline as needed to conduct test.
#4- The page must be short and not to confusing.
#5- The left hand upper corner should have a neat looking text for the product, in this case “101 Music Business Contractsâ€
#6- We want our phone # at the very top right hand corner of the site and our support email and link to our support desk in smaller font below it. We also need to have our international numbers placed there as well in a smaller font
#7- We are a music site that appeals to all forms of music, so the site should have a professional, universal look that especially appeals to adults.
#8- We DO NOT want flash on these
#9- I like the look of the post it note with the thumbtack. I want this, but it has to be below the fold lower right side.
Check it out:…316048.jpg
If your work is reasonable and of high quality, I will also hire you to do all 22 of our other websites, which include;
and all of the others.
You must be someone that we can contact on a regular, long term basis for paid updates as needed.
This is a really easy project, please ask a question on the board or send me a private message if you need further info

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