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South Carolina Attorney General Site Design

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This contest is to re-design the website for the South Carolina Attorney General's Office.

Nom de la marque

SC Attorney General

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

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Project Description


The South Carolina Office of the Attorney General is sponsoring this contest. The purpose of this project is to re-design the layout of website for this State agency and update the Agency's web presence with a modernized professional design. The interface must allow users to quickly and intuitively navigate the site and find information relative to the functionality of our office.




Relative Background Information


Each state has its own Attorney General. In South Carolina, the Honorable Henry McMaster serves as the current Attorney General. The functional duties, responsibilities and organization of Attorneys General offices are varied and different from state to state depending on the organization and/or structure of the respective state government. Some of the Attorneys General are appointed officials, while others, as in the case of South Carolina, are elected. In all states, this official is the chief legal officer and criminal prosecutor for the state and thus represents the state in all litigation to which the state is a party. It is the responsibility of the person holding this office to protect all citizens of the state. In some states, this agency houses the responsibility of the State Police and the State Law Enforcement. These duties are not held under our office in the State of South Carolina. The key functional areas of our agency are described on our current website at




This project is to re-design the South Carolina Attorney General’s website. The goal of this project is to provide a fresh, new interface that allows users to quickly find information.




The result of this contest will be to deliver a new front page for the website and a template to use for the rest of the site. We will then use the template to build out the rest of the pages.




The front page of the new design should provide ways to highlight news and current cases. The current page shows a full news story. The new design needs to include a place for the latest news. The news section does not need to be as large or prominent as it is now. The front page design must have a method to highlight current cases. This can be done via a flash slide show (Flash SlideShowPro, for example), graphic banners, or other methods.




The template needs to be designed in a way to for users to easily distinguish which section of the site they are currently browsing. This can be done via breadcrumbs, color changes, headers, etc.




Sections of the Site

- Attorney General Henry McMaster
- Inside the Office
- Crime
- Fraud
- Civil
- Securities
- Opinions
- Current Cases
- Newsroom 


Complete sitemap is available.



Special Links On Front Page

- Calendar
- Crimestoppers 



Technical Requirements

- Layout should be controlled by CSS
- Design must be conform with W3C standards
- Design must conform to 508 Accessibility Standards 



Required Elements


·Each page should have

- Search box
- Contact Us link
- FAQ Link
- Site Map Link
-  Front page must have link to 






- Home page template
- Template(s) for each section
-  PSD files
- SWF and FLA files if included
- All graphics, html files, etc. 








- Payment will be made only through check. You will be required to submit a Purchase Order for payment.
- We will pay ½ when winner is selected. Final payment will be made after we receive all deliverables. 



Below are some sites that have layout, organization, and styling that we prefer.




Recommended Sites for Look and Feel






Other Attorney General Sites - flash slideshow to highlight items


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