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Site (coded) for Global IT Consultancy - $750

JAK88 avait besoin d'un nouveau design de site codé et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

Un gagnant a été sélectionné de 19 designs proposés par 9 designers freelance.

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Voici comment JAK88 a commencé son expérience webdesign (codé)


Global tech consulting firm needs website that is edgy, professional and iPhone cool -- a website that is dynamic and international just like us.

Nom de la marque

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Driving Transformation, Delivering Value

Desired Color Scheme:
Consistent with colors in current logo, icon, and company name

Desired Style:
Edgy and iPhone cool, but still with a professional and un-cluttered feel

Accepted File Formats:
HTML, CSS and Photoshop including all layers

Overall look:

Clean, edgy, modern yet professional - "un cluttered" design with compelling, dynamic (Flash?) elements.

No traditional, boring consulting site. Think iPhone cool. Take a risk! Dare to imagine!


Compelling, edgy home page is the key priority.

Home page needs to accommodate intro/content text and some featured services, solutions and client testimonials.

You can get sense of content and find logo, icon and company name (and font) here:

New design must integrate logo, icon, company name (in original font) and their colors. Background should be white.

Top-level pages may vary slightly from home page design. If possible, want to see submissions for home, web site design, and top-level pages.

Number and titles of menu items may change, so please keep this in mind.

Top Navigation Menu:

* Home
* Services
* Open Technologies
* About
* Resources
* Contact Us

Desired File Formats: HTML, CSS and Photoshop including all layers.

Not restrained by such things as "You can only have 2 paragraphs here otherwise the design breaks." We will also require the template in Photoshop format so we can perform changes later if necessary.

Should look good in Firefox and IE on PC and Mac.

These sites give you an idea of design creativity we like:

* (front page has type of interactive map we might like to have)

* (nice, clean home page and menu presentation)

* (compelling entry and navigation)

* (another interesting approach to home page using business card style)

* (2nd level pages have nice clean, simple look with plenty of white space)

* (nice clean home and 2nd level pages with very nice dynamic navigation with dots)

* (compelling front page and homepage clean with interesting menus/navigation style)

Winner will have to be able to code/sort all this or have someone who can do it for them. (Coding can be done after contest ends and winner is declared!)

Feel free to team up with a coder if you are a designer who cannot code. You can obviously split the prize how you want.

Other Details:

1. Please feel free to PM me with any questions.
2. Original work only. No contestant may copy or use any portion of work other than his/her own. No templates.
3. Each contestant guarantees the originality of his/her design submissions.
4. Winning contestant transfers all intellectual property rights associated with winning work to Open ePolicy Solutions at time payment is made.
5. Winners are solely responsible for applicable taxes on payments.
6. If for any reason no design is selected, no person will be awarded prize money and Open ePolicy Solutions will not take ownership of any design materials from this contest.

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750 $US

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