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FREE HUGS T-shirt to be seen around the world by millions

FREE HUGS avait besoin d'un nouveau design de Tee-shirt et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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HAVE FUN! We want you to be FREE TO BE CREATIVE with this...

About Hug it forward (Humanity Unconditionally Giving ( H.U.G) it forward
• Hug It Forward is a non-profit that spreads love by giving out FREE HUGS and inviting others to Hug it Forward.
o We want the shirt spark people’s curiosity about the movement and attract attention.
o We also want to instantly give off the message that giving hugs is fun and spreading the hugs is even funner.
• We will soon be launching a web site, which will enable people to track their hugs around the world. For every hug that is logged on our site, our corporate sponsors will donate 25 cents to charitable projects (see some examples at
• We have gotten a LOT of publicity with this so your design will be seen by millions. One of our last projects was on National News (World News Tonight) just last week. We have a lot more media coming up but we NEED a better shirt so please help.
• Please visit to get a better idea about our organization and our projects

again HAVE FUN and Feel FREE to be creative

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

• Young people aged 18-30 who want to help change the world, the shirt should be fun, stylish and trendy.

• WHERE SOLD: We are looking for a design for a T-shirt that we can sell on our web site and when giving free hugs in public places.
• TYPE OF SHIRT MATERIAL: We will be printing the design on WHITE organic cotton T-shirts (we already have about 5000 white shirts purchased so we really need to use them)
• When people see the shirt walking down the street we want them to think, “that is a cool shirt, and a cool idea)
• BE FREE TO BE CREATIVE that being said: We like large bold prints, layering of elements and colors, halftones, grungey/distressed look, skater style – but the winning design may include none of these elements if it is striking, memorable and fun.
• The design could be for the front of the T-shirt only, or for the front and back. We’ll leave this up to you.
• We would not like the shirts to be overly busy, and should be recognizable from a distance. Simple is good
• The shirt needs to be able to grab people’s attention and make them curious enough to ask about Hug it Forward from the person wearing it
• We will most likely be doing the printing on silk screen


• The Hug It Forward logo (see attached – this must be included exactly as it is) (unless you come up with something way better then we would consider changing it)
• The text “FREE HUGS” in large type
• The web address (this can be relatively small in relation to the other elements)
• We want the shirt to give the message that the person wearing it will give out free hugs and invite others join the movement and to Hug it forward.
• We want to clearly link the idea of free hugs with the Hug It Forward brand.
• The T-shirt should be something attractive that people want to wear every day.
• The design should be something that stands out as an appealing design in its own right, regardless of the message conveyed by the words.
• Colors: Your designs should be intended to be screen-printed on WHITE T-shirts only. The design can feature up to 6 colors – but we are open to your artistic suggestions.
• Shirt needs to appeal (and be worn) by both men and women.

$100 BONUS. IF you think you can come up with a better logo then we have and we choose yours we will give you a $100 bonus. This is NOT a requirement I just don’t want to hold back your creative talent so if you have a better idea for our logo then what we have we are COMPLETELY open to it and if we use it we will guarentee you an extra $100.00

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