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Edgy Games Tech company needs cool, desirable shirts

hughR avait besoin d'un nouveau design de Tee-shirt et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Kore Virtual Machines is a startup that sells a software component to the video-games industry. Our product allows designers to work at a high level, make better games and also hopefully make the process of making games a little less painful. Under the hood it's all a hell of lot "techier" that that but we want design to be #1.

As a high level concept we want the shirts to say, "yes we're doing something difficult/complicated/edgy but we're making it look fun and effortless - if you work with us you will be cool too..."

We would like to have two visually related collectible t-shirts for our staff and/or gifts to customers. The prize is for both designs as they need to work together. We'd like to see the pair submitted as one. We reckon it is best if the same designer creates both at the same time.

If you can come up with designs that can make the best creative folk in the games industry go "wow I want that cool shirt" then you've done really well (plus we'll be happy to let people know who does our designs....)

We will be giving lots of feedback!

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

The target audience are professional game developers age 24-34. We deal with everyone from people doing fine Art pre-game concepts to folks doing very technical software implementations.

The industry is very visual and very smart (and 95% male!). We want the shirts to be well enough designed for someone to wear at an informal social event. It should not be immediately corporate or immediately branded - they should be cool... The games industry tends to have an edgy feel to it so humor especially black humor tends to work well. We're definitely not thinking heavy metal and large chest-ed dungeon and dragons type vamps! Our audience is way hipper than that.

More what we'd expect a hip design guy to be wearing for a casual night out with their buddies

Some influences…C41571.jsp

1950's, pop-art, Roy Lichtenstein type image…alents.jpg…in_v_2.jpg

Gorillaz-ish art
Tim Burton-ish art


Design must be high resolution.

Design should ideally work well on a dark t-shirt
Your design is limited to 4 colors including black and white.
Please include both designs in a single submission - we will ask the winning designer to provide two separate submissions at the end to help with printing shirts.

Ideally no stock photos or images please. If any are used they should be flagged so we all understand the implications and make sure we're clear.

Some Key words/concepts/phrases to spark ideas - could be the main theme or just a detail on the shirt.. comments are in [square brackets]

"extensible" [All descriptions of the Language we support]

"Cold hard cache" [Poor pun... cache hits or misses are what makes a proram run fast (or slow) as the case may be]

"Save The Environment"
kore_serialize( lua_getfenv(s, 0) )"
[The code does what it claims is saves the environment!]

Require "kore"
[Another inside joke - this code triggers the inclusion of our product ]

"real men don't worry about typing"
[A reference to an aspect of the language we support]

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