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Bataglia Trainer/sneaker project

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NOTE- this is for a trainer re-design please look at the listing carefully, its not for a logo redesign, its for a trainer re-design first 5 submitted were not as task requires. we are looking for a creative spin on the trainer itself.

Bataglia is a designer clothing company for this project we need a trainer redesign we have pics for you. We require a nicely designed trainer. we have an existing design if you can improve upon it particularly the side profile which were not happy with. pictures are in the detailed description. brand name bataglia, shiney patent leather. you dont have to be drastic in design sometimes suttleness works sometimes drastic works we will keep an open mind for this project to let you be creative, but currently the side we done is to plain and boring. how can you improve on it?

this is the job…oelogo.jpg

this is our logo if you need to use it, please dont redesign logo…glia33.jpg…afinal.jpg

thank you for looking at my advert. there is lots of future work available

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Bataglia trainers/sneakers

We are a new fashion house who make garments similar to Armaniand Prada, and dolce & gabbana

For this project we require a designer to look at thetrainer picture of our Bataglia trainer that I have made in photoshop from variousinspirations. We would like a creative person to redesign/ modify and come up with a moreexciting side profile for the trainer. As we are not happy with the side of thetrainer.

We are particularly looking for a nice design on the profile(side on). You can change the size of the panel the angle of stripe, thestitching design aswell. The product is patent (shiney) leather. Designer canuse their imagination to create a nice design for the trainer which will beunder our Bataglia Clothing Label.

Please be creative but don’t make a completely differenttrainer just make a design that improves upon the existing design. you can attempt more then once.

Things that can change.

You can put any font for the bataglia text that you like.

You can change the strip that says bataglia to any angle orplace anywere on the trainer that you think works.

you can create new panels, whatever you see fit. changing the shape of panels on side is important so be creative here.

The picture I have supplied is of burgundy trainer, this isfine for you to use, black is also acceptable.

You can use our logo in imaginative ways on the tongue andon the heal.

You can submit as many attempts as you like.

I will let it run for the length and then I will selectwinner. The winning design will be manufactured. You can be as creative as youlike as long as its along the lines of the trainer supplied.…oelogo.jpg…glia33.jpg…afinal.jpg


- creative design/individuals
- good photoshop ability from winner
- must be not messy must be neat and attractive, its a high end trainer that will sale with top brands. thank you

Ne veut pas

- a completely different trainer keep it related to the one shown please.
- no graffiti

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