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We are a management consulting company that specializes in one major subject: SALES. We work with clients that need to find and close more deals for their companies. We offer a variety of services that all lead up to one single thing: More Sales. Our services include doing an initial assessment of a company's existing sales and marketing methods, sales systems, and sales & marketing materials. We then create ways for them to generate more sales leads and if they need it, we teach and train them on the sales skills they need in order to close those leads. We leverage various technologies and methodologies to achieve this. We interview the business owners and video record them describing their skills, passions, and strengths. We then use that data to research opportunities to grab search engine traffic and divert it to their website. We optimize their websites using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we create content for their websites so that they get more leads. We create Landing Pages that make it easy for visitors to become a lead. We use Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Website Optimizer, and Google Conversion Tracker to measure, track and enhance their progress. We create sales compensation plans, we interview, hire and manage their sales reps, and we make sure that they become dominant in their respective markets. We know how to sell and we help them sell.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our target audience are business owners, business leaders, and executives for small and medium size companies. Our target companies usually have deal sizes between $5,000 and $200,000. We do a lot of local training, seminars, instruction, networking and volunteer work. While doing that work we meet other business owners that are unhappy with their sales results. We help those business owners align their goals with their actions and get more sales.

Therefore, our target audience are companies with revenues of between $500K and $20M per year. These companies could have as few as 5 employees and as many as 200 employees.


Top Requirement: AUTHENTICITY
2nd Requirement: VELOCITY
3rd Requirement: IN YOUR FACE-ITY

The name SALESX came about from the combination of SALES+X. X is the multiply sign on a calculator. We are looking for a very modern and Web 2.0 looking logo.

We are a bunch of hyper aggressive type A personalities and we want our logo to reflect that. There is no room for pastel colors in our company. We are wolves and that is our strength. If people are too faint of heart to work with action oriented aggressive sales guys, then they are better off not hiring us.

Here are the must have requirements:
-Assertive look and feel
-Modern looking
-High tech looking (Web 2.0)
-Action oriented
-Sense of urgency
-When you see it, you should smile knowing that we mean business

Here are the nice to have requirements:
-We like to do white foil stamping if we can
-We like contrasting colors on a business card (for example a white foil stamp on a red business card)
-We are creative as well as analytical. We want to make sure both qualities show.

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