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Stationery package for law firm, logo from prior contest

Jeff Childers avait besoin d'un nouveau design de papeterie et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Smart, accessible legal help /


New law firm. We ran a prior contest for a logo design and have selected a winner. We are now running an entirely new contest for the stationery package.

We provide services to both the greater Gainesville and Orlando, Florida areas. We haven't selected an office in Orlando yet. Also, our office in Gainesville may be moved within a year. Therefore we want a design that doesn't focus on the addresses but does focus on the two cities.

You can find a downloadable ZIP of all the graphics at the following web page, which also shows the logo in various forms for quick inspection:

Title for business card: Attorney at Law

Gainesville address:
ChildersLaw, LLC
Sixth Street Executive Center
1330 NW Sixth Street, Suite C
Gainesville, FL 32601

tel 866-996-6104
fax 407-209-3870

Let me know if there are any other basic points of info needed for this project.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

We market to both individuals as well as small to medium sized businesses in the greater Gainesville and Orlando, Florida, areas.


1. Business card design. Doesn't need to have the physical address on it (since we serve two cities).

2. Letterhead - first and second sheets. Note from the download materials that we have a couple watermark designs. Watermarks are not required but provided in case you can use them effectively in the design.

3. Envelope design sized for #10 business envelope.

4. Fax cover sheet.

*5. I will increase the contest reward just before awarding by $75 if you indicate that you can provide Word templates for producing the letterhead (both first and second+ sheets), fax cover, and envelopes on our color printer.

Deliverable: all graphics in EPS printer-ready format, and AI for any new graphic elements, plus a selection of JPG formats. Preferably will be in a format that we can edit easily as our core info changes (addresses, phone #s. etc).

Logo files:

The design should lend gravitas to compete with more established firms.

UPDATE (based on questions from contestant)

As to the stationery. I’m looking for something with a delicate, professional, elegant look. Should employ the same color scheme as the logo. I DO like:
• White space
• A narrow left-hand column on stationery for address and communications info (especially leaving room for the Orlando address when we get it)
• Business card doesn’t have to have address info on it, because will be two busy with both offices.
• Reference to both cities in which we provide services: gainesville ~ orlando
• Playing with lower case (“tel fax net url”) and coloring (e.g. tel (blue) 866-996-6104 (black))
• Stationery that has a place to laser-print the particular staff person’s name and contact info
• An attractive second sheet that shows care and attention to detail with less graphic (e.g. maybe small logo in header or footer and selection of place and font for printing page # or page # of #).

I do NOT like:

- Heavy solid borders
- Borders of any kind to the edge of the page (my experience is these increase printing cost and make printing our own off the color laser impossible)
- Logo / address / comm info dominating the page for stationery

Deliverable files optimally should be something we can edit (when addresses or tel numbers change, e.g.).

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