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Start-up needs label design for customized cereal

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“That little pause which fills your soul with happiness, and your body with the right nutrition, and makes you smile. This is what MojaMix is about.”

Our product is new and can’t be compared with traditional cereal products - think outside the cereal box :-)

Keywords: clean, harmony, classy, Yours, unique, personalized, modern, fresh, artisanal, handmade, modular, premium, 'organic', natural, healthy, delicious, nutritious, fun

Nom de l'entreprise

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

We are a start-up company based in Berkeley, California. Wecreated a web-platform that allows our customers to create their own,customized cereal mix online. Customers can choose from approximately 70different, healthy, organic ingredients, and create their own mix that istailored to their individual health needs and taste preferences.

The name of our company is inspired by the Swahili wordumoja – which means “Singular, Oneness and Harmony”.  The emphasis is on Harmony and uniqueness.

Our product is packaged and shipped in a “stand-up pouch”,and we need a label for this. You can see a picture of our current packagingthat we are using during our beta-test on

We need a new label, with a better design than ourcurrent one. It should have a clean design, and inspire the themes ofharmony, gentle, personalized and appetite with balanced colors that areneither too aggressive nor too pale. It should look modern (for a target age ofpeople used to Web 2.0) and a target demographic of 25-35 year olds living inthe city with college degrees and above average income levels: so it shouldlook healthy and fun, rather than very formal. Above all it should not be amessy / confusing design, but have a clean look and feel. (Have a look at oursite to have a feel forthe kind of look and feel of the application).

Please don't feel restricted in your design by our current logo - we will change our logo anyway, so you can use a placeholder for the logo.
We think the color of the pouch/package itself should bea brown natural Kraft paper, but we are quite flexible with this, and dependenton the label design we could also choose e.g. a silver, transparent or greenpouch for our product. In any case, the label should also look great on a white, glossy background.


Certain parts of the label are customizable by the user(e.g. the name of the mix), other parts of the label are always the same (e.g.our logo). We need a design where we are able to pre-print most of it, and onlyadd the customizable text later on (e.g. the customizable part should not be white text on a dark background).

The non-customizable text is:
-         MojaMix (this is our logo; you can use a placeholder for this, since our logo design will change; you can also make a suggestion for the logo if you want)
-         Tagline: Premium Custom-mixed Cereal
-         Net wt 12oz (340g)

Customizable text:
-         Name of Mix
-         Additional custom text (often there will be nocustomized text)
-         Ingredient 1, Ingredient 2, Ingredient 3,Ingredient 4, Ingredient 5, Ingredient 6, Ingredient 7 (typically there arebetween 4 and 9 ingredients)
-         MojaMix made by: Name (this line might also be missing if the customer did not provide his name)

We need a vector format. In terms of colors, we like orange,Bordeaux, brown, and vibrant pastels, but please don’t feel restricted by this.However the colors should make sense for a food product.

Please also have a look at our website

Ne veut pas

- We don’t want the label lookextravagant

- We don't want to have a messy design

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