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NEW Refreshing, Urban, Un-stuffy Law Firm Needs Stationery

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Paperclip Law Corporation


Paperclip Law Corporation is not your typical law firm and doesn’t want to be. With offices in North Vancouver, British Columbia, it is a boutique for practical business and personal legal advice and solutions, dedicated to providing its clients with the attentive, adaptable and approachable support they deserve when they need it. Finally, a law firm who believes in keeping it simple. Phew!

Our values? Refreshing. Reachable. Reliable. Resourceful. And with personality. We believe in speaking the same language as our clients (not Shakespearan) and using technology to improve the efficiency of delivering services to them. We believe in applying our legal knowledge and experience to simplify the law world into something that our clients understand. A “cut the crap” and down-to-earth, progressive yet professional firm that clients trust. We strive to change the way legal services are delivered and to bust the law jokes and myths all the way to the top.

We want to deliver the reliability, professionalism and quality of traditional legal services minus the intimidation, minus the hidden costs, minus the after-taste of seeing a lawyer. We want to ensure that our clients get what they need, with personable and understanding customer service.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Paperclip Law specializes in the areas of business law, real estate and wills and probate. We create customized and cost-effective bundles for our clients whether they are nervous about buying their first home, entrepreneurs who are busy starting their next venture, or families focussed on planning for their children or grandchildren.

Because of the diversity in the areas of law, each area is targeting a different group of people - from conservative accountants, to aging seniors to young couples buying their first home. In business law, we are attracting entrepreneurs and business owners. In real estate, we are attracting real estate agents, insurance brokers and mortgage brokers who will refer their clients of any age and life stage. In wills and probates, we are attracting families of all sizes and ages, but most particularly children of elderly parents as they are often part of a young and growing family as well as caring for their elderly parents.

The brand should attract and keep clients who already understand the brand, but not intimidate our usually conservative referral sources, such as accountants. Our name is already different from the "Blah & Blah" model, so the brand needs to strongly reflect confidence, professionalism and trust - values that people look for in choosing a law firm to join their team.


PLC needs stationery that reflects the brand, stand the test of time and say: we're practical and cost effective, efficient, personable, approachable, enthusiastic, clean and simple yet professional, competent and confident. A paperclip is a small, useful tool that everyone is familiar with. It keeps things organized and holds things together. All of which reflect the brand and will become the standard for how legal services are delivered in the future.

We need:

1. announcement card for launch party – date of party and office address, types of law (mortgages + real estate, business, wills + estate planning, probates + estate administration), rsvp to, make people want to come to the party.

2. business cards – with office address, telephone #, fax #, email address, website address. Don’t want too much orange. Don’t mind if it is vertical or horizontal. Please show front and back.

3. letterhead – with office address, telephone #, fax #, email address, website address. I would like 2 versions of the letterhead: 1 in colour (to be professionally printed) and 1 in black and white (for printing on desktop printer and for faxing so less colour and possibly just logo).

Will need the winning design in:
- the design program file (eg. Illustrator)
- the Word file to show me what it would look like in Word
- high resolution pdf

Questions? Please ask!

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