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QLD Nanny Agency to Hotels and Serviced Apartments

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Always Available Babysitters & Carers (AABC)


Hi Designers,

I am a nanny of ten years in Sydney, moving to the Gold Coast in August to start a nannying agency in QLD under a company that is already established in Sydney, Always Available Babysitters & Carers (AABC). I am keen to move on from the nannying world to actually use the B.Business I obtained at University!!!

The business is family owned by one lady in Sydney and I will be working with her to establish a branch of the agency in QLD where I will work from a home-office.

The company already has a logo and a website which is currently being set-up which is basic as the main stream of advertising will be the flyers and word of mouth. I will be hitting the concrete so to speak walking into every hotel/serviced apartment armed with flyers and a business cards in search for clients.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

The target audience will initially be hotels and serviced apartments on the Gold Coast. I would like to explore broader markets including Brisbane, Noosa etc so not sure if actually identifying Gold Coast on the flyer is a good idea or not - perhaps it could state - servicing Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane areas??

I would like a flyer/brochure/pamphlet (whatever you want to call it!) to be in the foyers. They will need to be very professional, bold to attract attention of the hotel/apartment guests and either single/double sided or fold out - i'll leave that up to you. I would like the length to be 21cm and width 10cm so it can fit in the flyer holders at the hotels/apartments.

There are not many exsiting nanny agencies on the Gold Coast, though I did come across this one who does have a flyer in hotel/apartment foyers I don't think this looks very professional so this could give you a benchmark.


No real requirements here, I want the Designer to be as creative as they want (a bit like when I go to the hairdressers and they ask what I want done and I say; do what you like - you end up with a new and different haircut that you wouldn't have choosen yourself and of course love it!!!)

* Include exsiting logo
* to fit flyer 21cm length and 10cm width
* Professional childminding service for all ages
* 7 day service
* 24 hours a day contact
* contact Julia 0422 189 101

I have attached the mock website that is yet to go live which has a blurb on the business and its services and rates. I have also attached an old brochure which has been done in Coreldraw so you may not be able to open it, but to be honest it isn't that great, very, very basic which you can use as a benchmark.

Please add my mobile number only to the flyer (not Patricia and Wendy they are Sydney office): Julia 0422 189 101

I would also like to leverage from the flyer and create an advert/flyer for attracting nannies and design business cards, so if you are able to start thinking about this that would be fantastic and obviously you will be paid for the additonal work, but please do not be too concerned about this just yet.

I can't wait to see it! Thank you Designers!!!

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