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Psychotherapy Practice - Stationary Needed - Have Logo

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I have my logo- now I need help incorporating it into a very professional, contemporary but timeless, and elegant design for business cards, letterhead, envelopes, a 8.5x11 trifold brochure, and a 5x7 one-sided card announcing the opening of my practice. Nothing flashy! I see both male and female clients in my practice, so nothing too feminine.

Nom de la marque

Use my existing tree logo, with either the text part of the logo or name "Caas Wilkor, MFT"

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Change from Transition, Growth from Change (open to using something besides a comma in between)

Desired Color Scheme:
Use colors in tree logo (dark sage-like green, light sage-like green) and soft white (nothing that looks yellowy).

Desired Style:
Professional, contemporary but timeless, classy, upscale, not too feminine

Accepted File Formats:
Vector Formats (.eps, .pdf or .ai); Layered Formats (.psd or .tiff)

I am a psychotherapist opening my private practice and need an identity package incorporating my existing logo. I see adults and children and specialize in helping people through life transitions.

File format: I need to make sure that I will be able to access/change all layers of the design as needed. (For example, I will need to be able to change the office address, etc, when I change offices.) I only have Photoshop, so I need a file format I can open in Photoshop that lets me access all layers. I'd like a vector file.

For business cards: I'd like rounded edges. Open to vertical or horizontal format. Feel free to use the back of the card too but only something small (like maybe the tree part of my logo). The color of the back of the card will need to be light enough that I can still write on the back of the cards as needed.

For letterhead: I prefer not to have a transparent design in the main space of the page like I've seen on many designs. I like white space where there will be text.

For envelope: Only use the tree part of the logo, not the name part of the logo.

Logo: I own the copyright to my logo. The logo consists of a tree and some text of my name. I have two different versions of the tree, both of which I will email upon request (don't know how to include them here). I am open to only using the tree and having the text part of the logo changed up and incorporated into the design in a different way. Also, I really like the tree logo, but I am open to you tweaking it if you think it'd look better. I'm not sure how to upload my logo, so please email me for it Please also note I have changed the name in the logo and the tagline for anonymity's sake. The real name and tagline will be substituted once the winner is chosen. To aid in design, the name shown has the same number of letters and initials as the real name, and the tagline has the same number of words.

Font used in text part of logo: Lucida Grande and Pristina. I am not attached to the Lucida, so feel free to use any sans-serif you think would look better, but I would like to use Pristina for the word "Psychotherapy" so whatever you choose needs to look good with it. I want the Pristina font used sparingly, though, so probably best to only use it for the word "Psychotherapy" and nowhere else.

For business cards, letterhead, and practice announcement - please include lines for telephone, email, web, and office address.

STATIONARY: I would greatly appreciate it if you could present your designs on the following stationary items so I can really visualize it: business card, envelope, letterhead, brochure, 5x7 practice announcement. In your submitted designs, please list what color codes are used, since I'm not sure my monitor is correctly calibrated.

As recommended by 99designs, I will also require: a signed contract from the winning designer assigning copyright to me and warranting the originality of the work before issuing payment.

Many thanks ahead of time to all the great designers out there - and detailed feedback will be given to all designs that meet the above criteria.

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