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Needing brilliance! Launch my 15 year consulting practice!

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Tammy Castro - JD Edwards HCM Solutions Consultant since 1995


Please see resumes attached for further understanding.
I have been consulting for 15 years (10 independent) in the field of JD Edwards (now owned by Oracle), and the workload has been so fantastic, I haven't really needed to brand myself -- I've always gotten plenty of referrals. Now, the time has come, and I need to truly brand myself and what I offer. My official title would be "JD Edwards Solutions Consultant" specializing in the software's modules: Human Resources, Payroll, Self Service, eRecruit, and business process analyzing. I am also a "Certified JD Edwards Trainer" and "Certified JD Edwards Consultant".

I have consulted for Fortune 500 companies all over the world, and I humbly have to admit that they all love me and what I was able to accomplish for them. I make my clients' lives easier by helping them utilize their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software most efficiently, streamlining their business processes and increasing user confidence. I love my job, but now I need an extra "pow" to help "brag" about what I can do for them without sounding pretentious or salesman-y. I am a strong woman of integrity, respect, intelligence, and creativity (when it comes to my line of work). I need your brilliance to help exude that on a business card! I have a stellar reputation in my field with 100% referenceable clients.

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I am attending a huge ERP conference in April that will allow me to hand out this business card to hundreds of potential customers. It could be handed to the CEO of a fortune 500 or the HR or IT Director of a company of any size that uses JD Edwards for their ERP solution. My goal is that the recipients of my card will either be the decision makers of their corporation, or that they will want to share it with the decision makers of their corporation.


It needs to speak who I am in a way that is "catchy" yet "professional"... I am looking for something classy! It cannot convey "cheap" or "discount" because I am a cadillac consultant (meaning, I do not come cheap, but I'm worth every dime).
I put together a very basic business card, which convinced me that I truly need someone else's brilliance to convey what it is i want to say in my business card (see attached but do not duplicate it because it is terrible).
- I prefer my photo be on the card Feel free to crop/enhance/zoom. (originals attached)
- I prefer my name to stand out (that is what we are branding). Creating my own font for my name would be preferable! Memorable! I like Lucida Handwriting, so keep that in mind.
- Must include following content:
-Title is JD Edwards HCM Solutions Consultant
- Certified JD Edwards Consultant
- Certified JD Edwards Trainer
-Areas of Expertise
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne & World, within that heading: Human Resources, Benefits, Payroll, Time Accounting, Employee/Manager Self Service, eRecruit
(continue area of expertise same level as first)
- Implementation Planning and Support
- Business Process Streamlining
- Systems Integration & Interfacing
- Specification Writing
- Custom Training
- UPK Developer
- HR/Payroll Reporting
- Data Conversion

- 3 quick words to describe what they get with me "Reliable, Resourceful, Results". I like the idea of few words but saying much.
- Logo or some kind of art that would symbolize who I am and what I represent, maybe this can be done via the font for my name!
- Colors are fine, and I am open to the idea of colors that will exude confidence, class, and leadership Deep rich colors. Yet one side of card should allow for ink to display (i.e. me writing a note with pen on it)
- It can't be boring and mundane
- It has to say "I'm here... but you want me here"
- round corners or different shape, although not outside of normal card size (I don't want to be a nuisance card not fitting in someone's wallet)
- Keep card timeless by "Surpassing Client Expectations Since 1995"

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