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Shannon Neufeld


Pacific Northwest approachable, intelligent, classy and friendly.
I am an expert in selling residential real estate. I don't rush anyone into a sale, I work very hard with each client so that they are satisfied with their purchase (the home and community meets their needs). I am client-focused not sales-focused; when you take care of clients, sales happen. My values include integrity, kindness, honesty, and professionalism. I am hardworking and relentless in getting clients what they need to make good real estate decisions. I anticipate client questions and seek information for them. I am the real estate expert and help reduce client stress in key decisions. I follow up with my clients when they email or leave messages for me. The quality of service I provide leads to regular referrals.
Personal life: I love having friends and neighbors over to my home for drinks and good food. My style is casual - wine and snacks for "porch time." I want people of all ages to feel welcome in our home. People can stop in anytime. I love architectural details and homes with character and style.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Anyone that is interested in buying and selling homes is a potential client. I enjoy working with classy, educated people who know what they want, or those who need a trusted professional to help them sort out their interests.

While I need to appeal to the luxury home market, and do well with that clientelle, my bread and butter comes from selling everyday family homes and condominiums. I want the million dollar home customers to enjoy my visuals and marketing while I remain approachable for people of all economic levels. As clients face the economic challenges of today they are increasingly focused on more traditional values: financially responsible (not getting in over their heads), kindness, and loyalty - I need to have materials that connect with this direction.

Bellingham, the main city I sell in, has a mixed crowd. The city is nationally recognized by Forbes magazine, Money magazine, CNN, et cetera for being a "best of" in many categories (i.e. best place to launch a boat, best place to retire, best place to raise kids, best city for trails and parks...). Bellingham's makeup: highly educated, outdoors people who sometime have sacrificed income for the beauty of Bellingham's location and lifestyle. Bellingham is situated half way between Seattle and Vancouver, B.C.


Please note, although I do work as an independent "brand," I work for a managing broker "Muljat Group Realtors" and this logo must also appear on my business card (can be small).

~The logo could be along side my name or should include my name.
~ I am reqired to have all of my contact information on the business card, (I hate the current look of my website),, 510 Lakeway Drive, Bellingham, WA 98225, cel 360-393-1183, fax 360-671-4121. I think my picture has to be on it too, but I could be wrong, I will look that up. The card can be two sided, it can be folded, or in the shape of a bookmark. I am a CRS, ABR, and Realtor. This could be written in letters or we could display the actual logo.

Eventually I will need stationary, flyers, listing presentation, buyers packages, etc. but that is not part of this contest.

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