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Leverage Your Talent:Catapult a Driven & Relentless Entrepreneur

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I am ramping up my branding in terms of blogging, consulting, speaking and writing a book.

I am a down to earth guy who comes from humble means and believes 100% in treating everyone as though they are gold - top-tier customer service is always remembered, and builds scalable brand equity.

As such, I am looking for the package to be clean, sleek and exude my personal ethos, which is “Do well by doing good” and “Stop at Nothing. Achieve Everything”

Formal titles:
- Founder, New York Entrepreneur Week
- Founder, The Relentless Foundation
- Founder, Whitehill International

To understand more about me:
- Entrepreneur Week (so that you can understand it): I have a flickr account here:
- I also have more pictures here:…-pictures/
- Quotes (how I see the world) can be found here:…-inspired/
- A bit more about my story is here:

A few videos below to give you context as well:

Once again, more than anything – the stationary should be memorable and if possible, articulate a story and a journey.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

The main target audience of these letters are angel investors, venture capitalists, startups, small business owners (potential consulting clients), and entrepreneurs around the world.

Secondary viewers of this are prospective Boards of Directors who may want me to help guide their company, government officials and those who are simply curious about entrepreneurship in general.

A bit more about me......

With regard to getting more context so your creative juices start flowing – my gift in life is helping to build platforms that catapult others……New York Entrepreneur Week is a perfect example of me taking all the disparate pieces of the puzzle, creating a platform and leveraging that platform. I have attached my resume for further detail on that front and which will hopefully give you some additional insight.

Also attached is an excerpt from an essay answer which should also provide more context as to who I am as well as a document on how I view the world.


I am looking for a four part package:

1) Personal stationary for “thank you” and “nice to meet you” letters ( 8.5x11 PDF & high DPI)
2) Personal stationary for formal high level business dealings (8.5x11 PDF & high DPI)

3) Outside design of an envelope to put personal stationary in that can function for both of the above letter formats (if you think there must be two separate envelopes based on the requirements of each of the above, than please design both) - high DPI

4) A business card design

Personal stationary #1 is mainly going to be for the purposes of “nice to meet you” and “thank you” letters to folks that I meet or have interacted with whom I want to keep a relationship. I will personally sign the letter, but they will be typed.

Personal stationary #2 is mainly going to be for the purposes of writing to formal government officials and Presidents of countries around the world.

4) My business card and stationary should be memorable in the respect of wanting to compel the reader to either keep me top of mind or feel as though the must respond. Hopefully we can get to that point based on the below description of who I am and what I do.

For the stationary, if possible I am looking for it to match my life, which tells a story of a driven and relentless entrepreneur who has overcome a lot in his life to be fortunate enough to achieve great things.

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