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Fun, whimsical, boutique-ish vibe Packaging Design

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I have the logo and the materials, but I need help with the placement and colors of the packaging, and the sticker design. I'm going for an upscale, boutique-ish vibe ... yet it's packaging for kid's stuff ... well, at this time, packaging for little girl items. This packaging will be in stores for the barrettes. I would also like to use it on tees and such ... by punching a hole in the credit card sleeve and somehow pinning it to the item.

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I plan on using the credit card sleeve/holders for the packaging with a sticker on the front and inside the sleeve will be my business card.   The credit card sleeve (in the pictures below) is here The choice of color is up to you...however it must be available on this website.…dit%20card

Also, here are pictures of my product.  I plan on clipping the barrettes as shown, however the business cards shown in the picture is just to give you an idea of what I am looking for.…leid=en_US

This is my logo. As you can tell, I am not set on the colors.   Although I am set on my logo.   The logo will not change. 

The shape of the sticker is a rectangle ... with 3 size options:

1"x3", 1.25" x 2", or 1.5" x 2.5".    

What I need:
- Sticker design
- Color of credit card sleeveI am looking for either a very cute-sy package or a very trendy package.  I am hoping for something to be added to the packaging.   I could just turn my logo into a sticker and be done with it.   But I want something complete, cohesive, interesting, professional.   So please add to the packaging and not just rearrange what I already have.   Also, please keep in mind that my barrettes range in color.... so hopefully the packaging is somewhat versatile and will look good with almost any color combo of the barrettes.


- Please use my logo (name and dandelion) provided.
- My preference for the sticker is to use up to 4 colors.  However I am open to more.
- You can change the colors of the logo and the placement of the dandelions, but please do not make any other changes to the logo.
- Must use the credit card sleeve as identified above (Card Sleeve 2-1/4 x 3-5/8").  
- Please include an example of how the sticker is to be used on the sleeve (placement).  
- Be creative ... add an outline, add stripes, some sort of border .... I have no idea.   =)

Ne veut pas

- Due to the selection of the credit card sleeve and logo restrictions, I do not have any other restrictions.  Although I might be adding to this list as submissions come in.  
- The last time I ran a contest, there were many late submissions.   And I realize it may be a strategy for some, but I give a lot of feedback and I ended up picking someone from the beginning.   So please, if you can, submit your items early so that you can make changes and hopefully win. 

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