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Lighthouse Nepal


Lighthouse Nepal is an up and coming charity organization.My posistion is fundraising coordinator. My name is Amanda Bray, mid thirties, Aussie, imaginative, not quite conservative and sometimes I'm a bit out of the box. I like to think I'm never predictable! Not that there is anything wrong with that. I became involved with this charity and the children of Nepal through my son Jonathon. I became aware that my son was donating money on a regular basis and planned to go on a short mission trip to Kathmandu through school.Although he was told they were taking no 14 year olds, Jono persisted and off he went. It tugged at my heart to hear of children who are only toddlers trying to survive on the streets of Nepal, due to becoming orphaned or abandoned. I knew that if they were sitting on my doorstep for help, I would give them a warm bed, clothes, food, love and care. The team with Lighthouse Nepal, help to build and hire Nepalese to build Lighthouse orphanages, feed streetkid programs, find and help to protect girls from the netorious sex trade, education and many other wonderful things. The great thing is they are small, so help is localised and direct. We almost raise money and deliver it ourselves. Sometimes we can and do do this. One example is the street kid christmas party where the team bought clothes, beanies shoes etc and presented them at a massive party that gets bigger each year. There are over 5000 street kids on the streets of nepal.

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Initially donation tins will be given to people who are genuinely interested in raising money or donating money to Nepal. Eventually the tins may end up on business and shop counters.


In my mind I see this as a positive charity tin.A donation tin dimensions 21.5 cm x 10 cm. Landscape format please. I do not want this tin to try to cause emotional guilt. Our society are becoming desensitized to need. I want it to say thank you.
Children could be coloured or illuminated by the beam of the lighhouse. Often nepalese children say thank you by clasping there hands together like in prayer.
This is only one idea, please wow me with yours. I imagine a world of black and white or sepia, where children are in numbers sad, lost ,starving, cold. Then there is a smiling child, happy child, a rainbow or a coloured child among them. A child who has been given HOPE.
Lighthouse Nepal catchphrase should be on the tin. I have not decided on one but you can choose and add one yourself to suit your work.
#Please have a lighthouse on the label somewhere in the design.
Lighthouse Nepal; The beacon leading them home
Lighthouse Nepal; The light leading them home
Lighthouse Nepal; The light in the darkness
Lighthouse Nepal; bringing smiles to little faces
Lighthouse Nepal; The light that leads them home
Lighthouse Nepal; Lighting up the lives of children in Nepal
Lighthouse Nepal; The light that gives hope
In other areas of the label I would like small things like helping hands or handing food to a child, lifting children up, fixing a scrape???
I do not mind the image, but I want the label to stand out and draw attention

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