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Corporate Identity: Real Estate Property Management

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Présentation is a real estate property management company. We have recently updated our website to a DNN platform which has disturbed our corporate image. We are presently investing thousands in an updated corporate image and thought it might be fun to hold this contest to provide an opportunity for the "up and coming". is a traditional real estate company that specializes in property management. Our focus is on Homeowner Association Management in one division and another division focuses on Rental Management and Leasing. We have an office in Atlanta, Georgia and another in Pensacola, FL with more offices starting in 2010. Real Estate is a very localized business, but the company works hard to keep the customers centralized via the website. The website is currently under construction daily to deploy a new user interface and the demo sites of what is typically only client access. The company's business model is to keep focus on the website to provide the connection between the service providers and the clients (landlords or corporation leaders) and the customers (tenants and the association membership). We have attached our existing logo and ask that the only alteration is to the text of "" which needs to be more bold and maybe taller. The logo structure must not be altered. The font style can be tweaked if desired.

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As our company has 2 different divisions - we have 2 different client types. For the rental department we are offering properties to rent to our tenants (the customer) and the homeowner/landlord (the client). Our sales cycle starts with the origination of a homeowner/landlord but the income event occurs when the tenant rents the property. Our client is typically a married couple between the ages of 35-50 with children. They client is a dual income household who is renting a traditional family home rather than an apartment. Many of our clients are "investors by default" in that they are not able to sell their home and also cannot afford to leave it vacant long - so they must rent it. They are looking to trust someone to care for the property in their absence. In the HOA department, we managing townhomes, condos and golf course style communities. A board of directors will hire us and we are essentially a "CEO for rent" as we manage the entire corporation and manage the services for the community. We want to convey an image of friendliness, ease of use, confidence and trust for all those as our industry transitions more towards the financial sectors. Just as 10 years ago people did not know of online banking - we are breaking the mold for property management.


The corporate identity package should consist of a 8.5x11 letterhead, a double sided (full color) business card in 2-3 styles. On the backside of the business card we envision our logo and either one of our slogans "We Manage to Make You Money" or "Thousands of Homes-One Address" and the back side being clean or reinforcing a brand image. The style should be a vertical format, a horizontal format and then one card style that would allow an agent to drop their photo on the card as is common in the industry. 2 of the 3 cards should NOT have a photo design. Finally, a #10 envelope design. One needs to be with a single left sided window 1 inch from side and 1/2 inch from bottom and one without a window. I have attached our existing business card & envelope for just a review. Also, considering 3D for logo and creative pieces. We welcome your creativity. We are open to one style that screams and another that is more modern/classy to give our offices a choice of style. Colors should be blue, orange, black, white or another color you think will make our brand POP!!

The design winner should be willing to consider additional opportunities as we will be creating brochures, website templates, postcards and several creative pieces.

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