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Clean design for medical practice with existing logo

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Chris Kresser L.Ac


I practice what I call "21st century medicine". It's based on 7 principles:

1. Personalized. Treats the patient not the disease. Recognizes the biological uniqueness of each person and avoids cookie-cutter approaches.

2. Investigative. Addresses the underlying cause of disease (rather than just suppressing symptoms) so that lasting healing can occur.

3. Functional. Tests and treatments designed to promote optimal health and function, not just manage disease.

4. Preventative. Focused on preventing disease before it occurs.

5. Integrative. Views the body as an interconnected whole, and incorporates the best of both modern and traditional medicine.

6. Evidence-based. Tests and treatment are laboratory-guided and based on cutting-edge medical research.

7. Participatory. Educates and empowers patient to play active role in the healing process.

I'm launching a private practice in Berkeley, CA as well as an internet-based, long-distance consulting practice serving a national and international clientele.

My passion is helping those who haven't been able to find help anywhere else. I have an analytical mind and a knack for getting to the bottom of complex, difficult-to-treat conditions. I love to learn and my treatment protocols are constantly evolving to reflect the latest research.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

- Well-educated about health and wellness.

- Motivated to play active role in maintaining health and well-being.

- Open to holistic medicine and willing to learn about their condition.

- Appreciates evidence-based approach.

- Can afford the services I provide.

- Primarily women aged 25-65, but will include men and women of all ages.

- Local (SF Bay Area), national and international (primarily U.K., Australia & Western Europe) clientele.

- Somewhat tech-savvy.


The deliverables will be:

1) Business card. Will be printed at on 2x3.5" cards WITH ROUNDED CORNERS and DOUBLE SIDED. Please follow the instructions here ( for Photoshop and use the templates I have included in the attached files (BC.back.horiz.psd, BC.front.horiz.psd, etc.)

2) Stationary. 8.5x11" letter sheet, #10 size standard envelopes and return address labels.

- I am a sole proprietor. Nobody else works at my company. So you can just use my logo (which already includes my name) and the contact details.

3) Contact details (for cards and stationary) should only include: A) Phone (no fax), B) email:, B) address: 2414 Ashby Ave, Suite 201, Berkeley, CA 94705, C) website:, D) blog:

- I often prefer vertical orientation for business cards, but either horizontal or vertical would be fine - depending on the design.

- I prefer clean, minimalist design. It should reflect the 21st century principles described above, but also be bright, warm, inviting and relaxing. Avoid high-tech, "spa" and "flowery" or overly feminine looks.

- Colors: as you can see from the logo, I especially like combinations of brown and orange/umber, but feel free to experiment.

PLEASE NOTE: For the business card and the stationary, I would like TWO versions of each:

1) A rasterized, print-ready file

2) A file where the text is NOT rasterized or converted to outlines, so that I can make changes to it if necessary

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