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Business Card & Stationary For High-Tech IT Consulting

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Horizon Global Services


I have attached a PDF that shows the type of document I am trying to deign. With the cover page, and header/footer.. I want the header and footer to be more Horizon than this document, but this shows what I'm trying to do.

Horizon Global Services is a US based business offering IT services around the globe. We provide resources in our customers offices, on-shore resources as well as off-shore resources. We do not try to sell anything to anyone. We only offer services that we know a lot about, and can prove this to our customers. We want to keep our customers happy, and that is the bottom line.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

The demographic will be both male and female usually middle to upper management and C-level executives. This is for an existing market to compete with companies such as IBM Global Services, Unisys, Fujitsu.


1) See attached Logo - please do not use the gradient in the starburst behind the logo. I do not think this will print well, and always look the same. Please use a solid blue with white letters or the other version with grey letters and white background, or also you can use blue letters.

Overall Requirements: corporate, professional, classy, unique and easy on the eyes, balance.

Please take your time. Do not rush to submit everything I ask for at once. Let's make sure your concept is what we want before you complete all the tasks. Project will be guaranteed as soon as someone submits a design I will purchase. Will consider increasing prize if design is spot on, but the workload is too much.

1) 2-sided color Business card. Shadow image / watermark ok, but not required.

2) Stationary: 1 or 2 sided color. Shadow image / watermark ok, but not required. Need a first page that has more detail, and a second page that matches the first, but with less detail.

3) Report Cover Page (1 or 2 sided color. Shadow image/ watermark ok, but not required). This should have something such as Statement of Work as a heading. For (customer name), Author, Date, etc. Also a project title, and project sub title. This should match the other stationary and business card. This could be used as a cover sheet for a document. An example document would have this as a cover page, and then the second page of stationary.

Preference will be given to a designer that can complete typeset, #4,5, and 6, however it will not be required to win this contest. Only thing required will be business card, stationary, cover page.

Please include typeset for the report/stationary that shows Page Title, First, Second, Third and Forth level of headers. Such as 1) Statement of Work 1.1) Contact Information 1.1.1) Horizon Customer Name also, include bullet point look/feel. Would be nice to have a table grid that shows header row, details with alternating background color, table of contents, footer with page numbers, confidential wording, revision number, date, etc. (this typeset could be done in word document) Would also like a signature block that looks official and banking style something that has a spot for a signature, a name, title, date, etc. Maybe a box around it, large arrow.. something classy and official looking.

4) I would also like to see a pocket folder design

5) power-point presentation template.

6) envelope

prefer adobe illustrator files.

Any other corporate collateral you can suggest and add will help your chances

I have more work like this, so I am hoping to build a good relationship with someone.

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