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Business card rework for tech consulting firm; stationary

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Looking to create a more professional looking two-sided business card
layout. Please reference my website at ww w. be l l c. c o m
for the general corporate identity (see Banner, newsletter page).
Here is a draft business card design from an earlier, in-house attempt -
just to give you a starting point:

I have posted several other relevant files (descriptions and links in the "Description" below) which should give you a good running start at this contest, versus starting from scratch. I'm hoping that will allow a really slick entry to emerge, without it being too time consuming. I need to put this job into print at by Monday AM (Feb 18), so this is only a 3-day contest.

If the text fonts are too small, you can also visit my website's "Contact" page for the address information etc.

[some spaces added to keep the search engine spiders away, to the extent that's possible:)]

Nom de l'entreprise

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Desired Color Scheme:
blues - this will go on a glossy white business card

Desired Style:
Slick / corporate look

Accepted File Formats:
Standard Web Formats (.jpg, .gif or .png); Vector Formats (.eps, .pdf or .ai); Layered Formats (.psd or .tiff); winner to supply

The script FONT for my newsletter's name ("The B e ll Let ter") is "Tiger Let". I would also like to feature "Bell's Blog" in the same font somewhere on the card.

I have posted a jpeg image of a baseline design at this url:

Here is a .gif file with "The Bell Letter" graphic (larger) for the back side of the card:

Here is a photoshop layered file with the "Globe Graphic", if you want to
try and use that:…ort_c2.psd

Here is an earlier attempted business card layout, it had a blue background for plastic cards; I've dropped that idea but this may help:

On the back of the card, the 'Tiger Tet' font should feature "The Bell Letter" and "Bell's Blog" too, if you can make it work. The byline material should be "Analyzing technology business trends impacting Silicon Valley startups and investors". If there is room, somewhere on the card it would be nice to work in "We help build next-generation networking, mobile computing, and telecommunications startups.". But that's asking for a lot:)

The stationary size will be on 8 1/2x11", and a small version about 3x5" (standard size) without as much info (just the company name at the top, and my name at the bottom?) NOTE: the business name SHOULD include "Inc." at the end, unlike on the example design above.

I'd like to get "The Bell Letter" and "Bell's Blog" graphic, at least 500 pixels wide, out of this contest if possible - for use on the website, etc - if you have the "Tiger" font or can re-create the missing two characters "o" and "g" to make the word "Blog" to create the new one.

I'm asking the contest winner to send me the business card layout in layered PSD format including the fonts (I use a Mac); as well as pdf and jpeg. I'd like to have the graphics in vector format so I can re-use them ("The Bel l Letter" and "B e ll's B lo g". Photoshop or Illustrator format ideal. I'm going to order the business cards from VistaPrint so I'll post their file format guidelines (bleed area).

I will respond to each and every post-submission promptly with detailed feedback. I've run several contests in the past and always get excellent feedback on how I run them. Payment to the winner will be made promptly via PayPal, the instant the agreed-upon final files come in. I am on the US/Pacific time zone and usually work till 1am PST, sometimes later.

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