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Business Card Design for a DEMO Company

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We just launched a couple of months ago at the DEMO Fall conference. See our presentation on the front of our home page: to get an idea of what we do. We are launching our Beta at CES next month and expect to get a great deal of press coverage.

We produce a system that allows family caregivers to stay connected to their remote and independently living elderly loved ones. We have a number of browser based tools as well as physical sensors that go inside the care receiver's home to report on things like open doors, motion sensors, and temperature. If something is out of the ordinary, the Independa system sends out phone, text or email based alerts to the care giver.

We are launching our Beta product that is solely browser based, but will launch our android tablet offering and sensors mid next year.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

We sell to the adult children of an elderly individual that still lives alone. These individuals are in the Boomer demographic. Our brand is all about providing comfort for family care givers and helping elderly individuals maintain their independence. We DO NOT want to be another company selling to "old" people! We need to be energetic and exciting to the Boomer demographic we are approaching.

Our most common customer is female and anywhere from 45 to 65 years old.

The market we are approaching has been around for a long time. Think about the "clapper" and "I've fallen and I can't get up!". These companies are the former state of the art for remote care giving. Independa's solution is disruptive and displaces many of the current offerings in the marketplace. The good news is that most of the current companies in the market are horrible at marketing. Their offerings look dated and as though they are as old as the individuals they are caring for!


It's quite simple. We need business cards that match the look and feel of our website. I have attached our logo to this brief in EPS format for your use.

We need our business cards to present the following information on the front:

1. The Logo
2. The Tag Line: "Redefining Independence" (optional to include this on the back)
3. The person's name (Troy Malone)
4. The person's title (Vice President Marketing)
5. Our address (4225 Executive Square Ste. 450
San Diego, CA 92037)
6. Our phone number "Main" (800-815-STAY)
7. Their direct line "Direct" (760-518-3254)
8. Our Fax number "Fax" (760-518-3252
9. The person's email address (

We need to present the following on the back of our business cards:

1. At a minimum our Website "" and our Tag Line "Redefining Independence".
2. The Logo can optionally be included on the back, but that may be too much...

The back of the business card should be colored and be a bleed. The back should obviously tie in to the front design.

We do not want any variations of our logo or our colors. Please stay true to our logo and our website for colors as it needs to tie together!

email me with specific questions:

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