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Bright and outstanding stationary for Software Company

Software Company avait besoin d'un nouveau design de papeterie et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

Un gagnant a été sélectionné de 122 designs proposés par 17 designers freelance.

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Nom de la marque

Software Company


We are a pretty well known software company from Amsterdam. Right now our business name is: VBVB Business Solutions ( which we are going to change to: 'Software Company' soon.
Because of that we had our logo redesigned on 99designs. And now we're ready for the next stip: our stationary.

What do we do?
Our company is specialized in consulting in financial software, CRM software and online research software. We are pretty big in the creative and non-profit sector in Amsterdam. So that's the descisionmakers we want to reach (without loosing our professional image).

We take a company to the next (software) level in order to help them grow their business. That's what we're good in. And we want to show this ambition in our stationary design.

We want to have a clean and different image compared to our (mostly boring) competitors.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our buyers can choose from a lot of potential suppliers. Most of them are 'standard Web1.0 IT-companies' with boring names and boring logo's.
We would like to provide them a refreshing alternative to choose from.

There are two steriotype buyers, mainly from the creative sector in Amsterdam:

1. The financial professional (or CFO) who is looking for new financial (bookkeeping) software for the company. He/she is typically 45 years old and cost driven. He has to be sure that the solution (and partner) he chooses are the right choice for the company.

2. The entrepreneur or owner. 35 years old. Sees the advantages that IT-solutions can bring for his company. He is typically a buyer that looks further then only the financial part. So upselling to him is easier as short term costs are less important compared to the long term savings he will have.


We are looking for a Clean and open design based on our already (on 99designs) designed logo.

You are free to play a little with the text under our logo ('software company' and 'expert in business software') but have to leave the total look n feel and the SC-icon in tact.

Please only use the three colors of our logo and black and make use of enough white space in your designs.

You may use images for the folder and leaflet/whitepaper design. But please stay away from 'standard business men' and too obvious stockphoto's.

We need:

1. Business card
2. Letterhead design (header and footer to use in Word template)
3. With compliment cards
4. Address (return) stickers
5. An A4 leaflet/whitepaper template
6. An A4 folder for quotes and info

And at the end we need a new website based on these designs...

We try to provide feedback as soon as possible, but at least once every day.
As soon as we have received the first entry which gives us the right feeling we will make this contest guaranteed.
The first design with a 5 star rating will win the contest. If at the end there will be a couple of equals we'll vote for a winner.

Thanks for your entries!

Tim Kieft

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