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brand & materials needed for video production services company

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Kalicon Pictures: pre-branded website


I am a 28 year old Male NYC native who has worked in film , broadcast & online video since ‘02. I founded & run a non-profit & am currently earning a Masters in Management & Administration.

I see a market opportunity to leverage my unique mix of media, management, communications and strategy skills to help people achieve their goals. Through Kalicon Pictures I plan to help people find media tools they can use to enhance their businesses.

If you think you can design a brand an brand collateral that evokes dedicated professionalism, strategic genius, attention to detail, & a creative, fun loving team environment focused on results read on.

I have come to 99designs because I need your help to make this vision a reality. How we extend this brand is critically important. It will inform our coming web design, future motion graphics and the future production of any business related materials. Our brand will play an integral role in our growth efforts and have a lasting impact on this company.

I know what I want the brand to evoke. I have ideas on how to get there. But, I am totally open to others. I seen designers create something I would have never thought of that I love more than once so feel free to get creative.

I offer every entrant a guarantee to promptly answer any questions you might have, to give your entries full, detailed feedback, & to do whatever else I can to help you make your entries the best they can be.

Thank you

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video can help people improve sales, presentations, trainings, events, websites, fundraising & almost always the bottom line

Our tag line: harness the power of video

we aim to be the go-to video partner repeat clients can trust. to build towards that we will serve many clients with “one-time” projects well enough to bring them back for more.

We serve:

B2B, Retail, Service Businesses and Consultants...
who want to comm. better with prospective clients, customers, partners, staff, investors +more

who want to comm. Better with prospective donors, volunteers, foundations, staff members, board members +more

Government sector clients...
who want to comm. Better with prospective voters, supporters, campaign workers, the public +more

We are targeting:

1) Direct clients - Small/Medium sized business, organizations and independent consultants who have either never hired a production company before or might have but do not have a go-to partner

2) Intermediaries - Website Development, Marketing and Brand Consulting Companies will help us reach new clients. In return they will be able to offer their clients a discount and their relationship with us as added value

We offer: sales testimonials, event trigger films, training videos, web videos, video interviews, fundraising videos, group travel promotion videos & video brand strategy consultations and more.


I aim to leave this contest with a clear direction for our bran, with business cards I can bring to the printer and other brand collateral off of which to work.

Final entries should consider brand application on all of the following:

>business cards - messaging & design are equally important. include logo, name, position, email/website, ph. & fx. Best entries will also include info. on how video can help them & why they should hire us (ex: testimonial or positioning statement)**. Rarely, designers find aesthetic ways to include faces on cards(examples included in resources - see below). This is good for maximizing yield after conferences & networking events but only try it only if it fits with the rest of the brand somehow^

>stationary - include logo, tag, contact info., & some info. on what we offer and/or space for a testimonial

>forms & docs - incl. invoice forms & proposal docs^

>DVD & media storage cases/labels (need a case/sleeve style choice that fits the brand AND media storage labels^

>PPT/Keynote branded template


>a Branded Flip [a new client giveaway]^

if you feel ambitious I would also love to see how the brand extends to:

>other brand related client gifts^

>sales brochures or 1pager

>or website homepage

^files that will be helpful to you are available for download at the files include our logo, font files, images, copy & examples. While there check out our site to learn more about us.

Thank you!

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