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Hi there!

Marketingmycraft/marketingmyart is a small business that helps talented artists and crafters get their fabulous things out into the big wide world.

Many talented folk are great at creating art, or making their craft, but not so hot at selling it. That's where we come in.. we help them get set up to sell online, sort out their marketing plan, all sorts of good stuff so they can make wonderful things AND keep the wolf from the door.

We might be biased, but we think what we're doing is pretty terrific.

This logo/identity needs to be friendly, fun but professional looking (no comic sans, for the love of pete!!)

We will be using this logo on business cards, on letterhead, on promotional flyers, on our website... if it has design elements we can play with to create more collateral that would be wonderful!

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Our market are crafty people and artists. They're cultured and have a sophisticated eye for design. They're perfectionists. They spend a long time doing things that other people don't understand. Many of them could be earning more money doing something else.. but they are doing what they love.

They're arty and smart and definitely not in the mainstream. They have an appreciation for classic design, and what's hot right now.

They might be a bit nervous about taking the next step with their business, so the image needs to be friendly, and not look like it will cost them an arm and a leg. It also needs to look like we will take the same care and attention to their business that they do.


We want what every client wants - the identity needs to be both up-to-the-minute-cutting-edge-WOW and timeless-classic-will-never-date... (at least we're honest enough to say it right out loud!). Seriously though, we are looking for something modern but not trendy.

Red is the bosses' favourite colour - but this isn't a sure-sell. We don't like pastels, we're looking for a colorway that can carry through to other pieces of collateral.

We love typography based designs and ones that have a clear nod to days-gone-by.

The business runs under two names: "Marketing My Craft" (for the crafty types) and "Marketing My Art" (for the fine art folk). A logo/identity that could be used with either of these names would be ideal - we can swap the name out as necessary and keep the rest looking consistent.

We're going to use this design on our website, on business cards, letterhead, flyers - you name it!

It will need a colour version and a black-and-white version.

We need something with design elements we can use for different pieces of collateral.. something that begins to tell a story that we can ask the winning designer to expand on with further creations.. this is just the first piece in a continuing stream of work.

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