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Addicted To Hype

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Addicted To Hype


Addicted to Hype represents an urban nightlife and promotions company which utilizes guerrilla marketing and street promotions to drive commercial success to Large Marketing spend companies attempting to drive their corporate messages into the 18-35 yr old market place.

General clients include collaborations with PR companies and large spirits retailers, pop culture landmarks, magazines, major events etc who strive to reach this popular niche in real, urban, innovative ways.

Classic promotions include sponsored major events and parties, large media attention "stunts" and landmark events, underground and locally connected word of mouth hype. We leverage off the young nightlife, club, pub, concert culture, sporting events and deliver exciting, captivating corporate campaigns and branded messages.

We are keen to position ourselves within this niche with a renewed identity that represents our business model and offering. However, we also are conscious of corporate responsibility and a desire to adhere to things like "drink responsibly" and embrace that as an ethos. We're the next iteration of the "Work Hard, Party Hard. But always responsibly." and trying to instill a chivalrous good behavior ethos to the indulgent side of nightlife.

A winning design will be edgy, yet refined. Hinting on wickedness yet remaining functional. Best of luck!

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Core demographic is the 18-35 marketplace, heavily male dominated but no so much that it would exclude a female marketplace.

Our business is designed to cater to this market space, but most of our clients are large reputable companies trying to tap into that niche, so it can't be too crass etc. The card needs to serve both purposes.

Some ideas might be allusions to urban / street culture, but hidden in an innocent design so "the kids in the know" will "get it", but others will see the logo at face value only.

This is the first time we've engaged 99designs, we're hoping for a successful outcome and that the details I've provided will help.

For insight addictedtohype @ can be inquired to.


We are looking to start with the corporate cards and banners etc, but grow our brand around a successful logo.

This will then potentially grow to all corporate letter head and watermarks etc, as well as an online presence, all print media, etc.

Addicted To Hype is the business name, and we're hoping for an engaging, yet clearly legible font.

There will likely eventually be an appropriate "tag line", but we also believe this will be variable and might change often. We envision the font being used with the tag line as in the business name, but likely smaller case.

Some ideas around logos include a "crest", we've had an idea relating to the old Bayer heroin bottle maybe with the work Hype on the bottle (but classy), but we also don't want to stifle good innovation by prescribing that as the ideal solution (maybe 1 person could try that? ;)

Predominantly the background should be white, as on a business card it is key to be able to scrawl details in pen or pencil on the card.

Color scheme is up to the creators, but strong, dominant colors will be preferred.

Artwork should be provided in multiple formats and copyright free.

Vector, TIFF, jpg, etc would be ideally desired.

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