Chocolate Company Needs Classic, Organic Logo

The request was for a new logo for a company that will make chocolate bars, and/or other chocolate desserts. Originally, I was looking for something classic and organic. However, after receiving dozens of designs in this vein, including some from Star.Desinz, I asked the designers if they had any other ideas and suggested maybe tying in Rome, Italy. Star.Desinz was the first to rise to the challenge and quickly delivered a beautiful logo which ultimately became the winner. In the logo, Star.Desinz cleverly tied in the city of Rome to chocolate in a bold, beautiful design that I'm confident will represent me well, stand out on packaging, and help me become a brand in the chocolate world! My winning designer was persistent, professional, communicative, creative and a pleasure to work with. Star.Desinz - you rock!

Revue par jackie.rome
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