California Juice Company (Happy Moose Juice) Needs a Strong, New Label!

We had a few issues with the files provided.

The label files were made taller than our original file by .25", which we didn't realize until after we approved them, which made us have to re-work how the entire design fit within the actual frame size that we needed the labels to be. We weren't able to do it all ourselves so we just had another local designer we've worked with in the past do it quickly so we could keep the process moving quickly, but did cost us a little extra.

Two other things:

1. Tamara (the designer) told us they would hand-paint unique watercolor swatches herself for the three recipe labels we needed, but used a watercolor file we provided and just changed the colors in them, so this was a little less than we were hoping to get.

2. She was also going to send us a file for sticker seals, which we asked to be incorporated into the design, but we never got those after approving the artwork.

All in all, this was a positive experience for us - Tamara was a good communicator, was very responsive, quick to make changes we requested, and designed the artwork according to our vision - so those were all pluses. I would recommend her, but make sure you get the exact file you want before approving the final one, because we didn't hear from her on the few issues we had, once we approved everything.

Thank you very much!

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