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I'll make my design not just what it will looks like, but I'll make my design how it works. UI/UX Designer

Good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn’t theirs." – Frank Chimero

Pays: Indonésie. Membre depuis: 6 septembre 2015
Niveau Expert




"He never completed the work and is not responding to any emails. I am waiting now for more than 2 years and he has always another EXCUSE to not finish the job. He did everything good until he got the payment. "
Image de profildronegc
"Thank you very much for your designs."
Client anonyme
"Mars is a talented designer. Very easy to work with."
Client anonyme
"Communicate better and in time. Pay attention to details when asked a question."
Client anonyme
"Great design, made all requested changes!"
Client anonyme
"Very creative, loved the ideas this Mars came up with and their willingness to collaborate. Great designer."
Client anonyme
"designer good, fast and good in color"
Client anonyme
"Mars is a truly talented designer with an incredible eye for detail. Not only can he provide top quality design, but he can deliver fast with the best attitude and easy communication. He will deliver more than you ask and he will surprise you. "
Client anonyme
"Of all the times I've hired someone, this has been my best experience. Talented, patient and punctual. Thanks for everything Mars. "
Image de profilramonponsmiralles
"Mars is a great developer and designer. He is working very closely and with passion on the project. I will definitely work with him together on other projects as well. Thank You"
Image de profildronegc
"Just what I need. An excellent job and not less important, an excellent person. Thank You. "
Image de profilramonponsmiralles
"The app project was large and complex but Mars was able to provide beautiful and very intelligent designs. He has good UX knowledge, throughout the design process he kept the user in mind which is what we needed for our product as it relies heavily on c..."
Client anonyme
"Working with one of the best designers at 99 designs have been a pleasure. I have never had the chance to work with such an incredible designer after almost 10 years working in the gaming industry, web and apps. Very highly communicative, responsible, ..."
Client anonyme
"fantastic. he really read our requirements and worked hard to do the best for it."
Image de profilMartin.albert
"This website project was large in scope, with many details. It's the biggest project I have hosted on 99Designs yet. I was very nervous about the results we might get. Mars was very hardworking and transparent about his schedule during the month we work..."
Image de profilHarmon Ryan
"We are a brand new company operating in a very niche market and approached 99 designs for help with designing a brand new website. Right from the very beginning Riv's talent was very evident and he stood out from the rest. He completely understood ou..."
Image de profilabzy3k