Create a robotic character to capture the DFS social media audience
Carbon Nanotube inspired custom belt buckle design
Bath monster for the kids
robot cleaner
Cell Phone Armor Type Case Design
Help Soldiers Memorial Treasure Day with a logo
Create the next print or packaging design for Ice-Loc Inc.
New print or packaging design wanted for YOGA DVD CASE DESIGN
Design an SYMBOL for Peepscope
Erstellen: Nächste icon or button design für Set of three Icons
New illustration wanted for Mobogo
Help 2K Container Services with a new illustration

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everything related to work, I always focus 100% and do my best to satisfy clients. Because after all it is my responsibility as a designer. In addition to a designer I'm also an animator and 3D modeling.

Pays: Indonésie. Membre depuis: 17 juillet 2011


"Absolutely an Amazing Job!"
Image de profilRodney Liber
"Kame Graphics is the best. Fast and accurate designs."
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"Enjoying cooperation and great commitment"
Client anonyme
"great job and superior commitment"
Client anonyme
"outstanding cooperation even in tight timeframe"
Client anonyme
"Thank you for your prompt response and quick action to complete the project in very good quality"
Client anonyme
"Highly Recommended!"
Image de profildata2009
"He did my animation in 5 day! and it was FANTASTIC!! thank you very much"
Image de profilEasy ABC
"Deeply experienced with a unique ability to capture esoteric ideas and transform them into remarkable designs. Rapid response times with modifications that exceed requests. Strongly recommend."
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"This designer was very responsive to feedback and we are very pleased with the work... Thanks again 99Designs and Mufti Akbar!"
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"Thank you Mufti. You worked very hard and submitted many nice designs."
Image de profilSoldiers Memorial
"Great experience. Very cooperative, quick response any time I needed something. "
Image de profilLenkaknag
"Great work, great communication, quick response, great understanding of project and adjustments and is also very creative. I would recommend his to anyone looking for good graphics. I plan to do more work with him in the future. Thanks a lot "
Image de profilMobogoinc
"the design-submission from Kame Graphics was really that what we were looking for. beside his drawing skills, he crontibuted new ideas for the symbolism of the icons. i´m looking forward to work with him again."
Image de profilGregorieee
"Great designer who was able to offer us something that our customers will love."
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"Very dedicated to getting the work done just right. Professional and fast. We're very happy with the results and plan to use Kame Graphics again."
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