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"Great to work with. Provided a lot of options and quick to reply to different requests. Thanks for a great job!"
Image de profilJeff Hobbs
"Excellent work - Mimie's first design was almost exactly what we were looking for - as if she read our mind. We then fine tuned it together as she took on our comments with quick and immediate responses. Thank you Mimie!"
Client anonyme
"Thanks Mimie! Very happy with the result :)"
Image de profilVicinity Marketing
"Mimie did great work, in a fast, professional way! I was offered many designs and when it came time for me to pick one, Mimie was more than happy to make the changes to my final choice. I was even given the symbols that indicate it's a Trademark, both..."
Image de profilJason Baar
"Mimie is an excellent designer. I was able to get all the changes that I wanted and done quickly. All the files sent to me are there and organized nicely! Thank you and a job well done! "
Image de profilchris RQZ
"A great designer, prompt and focussed. Will continue to engage on current and future projects!"
Client anonyme
"Great designer, made great suggestions and was very prompt and responsive to requests. Highly recommend."
Image de profiljulie 1G
"Fabulous designs of the very best quality. A very professional designer to work with. Thank you!"
Image de profilInfo MZ