"Ups & Downs" - Seeking a wonderful design for Chloe's new album cover!

First, Deborah's design knocked it out of the park. From early in the contest, her design was a favorite of friends and family and continued to get better as the contest progressed. Deborah's understanding and implementation of the ideas put forth in the brief were stunning. This would have been enough on its own...but Deborah also proved to be a wonderful communicator. She would message me with ideas to try and always responded quickly to my ideas/suggestions - which were many! I am a musician/composer and a bit of a perfectionist. I don't know how many times I said, "What about...?" or "Can we try this...?" etc. She took it all in stride and produced a design that surpassed Chloe and my expectations. I highly recommend Deborah for your next project - She's brilliant!

Revue par Paul Hennessee
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