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"Great work on my infographics!"
Image de profilMichael@DesignRacket
"This is my first project with her and I'm very pleased with her ability to create a clean infographic that fits my brand. I look forward to more projects with her!"
Client anonyme
"I wanted a podcast design that was bold and incorporated what the show revolves around- Speaking up about what is wrong with our criminal justice system in America. Speaking up to our elected officials and those who serve them when they ignore the peopl..."
Image de profilMr.Raymond303
"Awesome Job once Again!"
Image de profilrpadia
"Amazing work. There were other great designers but you really hit the nail on the head. Thank you. Look forward to working with you in the future."
Image de profilJt157097
"designer created an exciting, attractive concept and worked with me on a dozen or so small changes until it was just right. would buy again"
Client anonyme
"expert and fast designer "
Image de profilhetta_2002
"Creative out of the box thinker!"
Image de profilshirin.delsooz
"Carissa has been fabulous in assisting us in this journey and with the final edits in our draft."
Client anonyme
"Always a Great Design and Always Professional!"
Image de profilrpadia
"So awesome!! Really great work."
Client anonyme
"Excellent, thank you!"
Client anonyme
"Great design, very responsive and open for feedback - thank you very much!"
Client anonyme
"Design of a print ad for a trade magazine. Great work produced quickly and spot on the brief. Quick revisions also helped."
Image de profiladrianS8
"great original designs!"
Image de profilrpadia