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Wanted: Book Cover For Future NY Times Bestseller

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The Unspoken Rules of Getting Hired: Recession-Proof Secrets That Employers DO NOT Want You To Know


Author's Name to Be Included on Cover: Allen Wu & Jesse Stretch

We need an eye-catching and unique book cover design that will be featured on the cover of an upcoming book, on our website and in banner ads. The winner’s design will likely be shown on the NY Times Bestseller’s list (hopefully)… so we need intelligent, sophisticated, Apple-quality designers to participate in this contest...

NOTE: The #1 objective of this cover is to SELL the book off our online and offline shelves! Attract attention, stop them in their tracks as they browse our site or see our banner ads, grab their attention, and make them think "I MUST HAVE this book!"
-We want a simple "Apple-like" design: Example book covers that convey this:
• True Blood
• The BOSS (…774893/ref)
• Emergency (…0060898771)
• Obsession (…ession.jpg)
• The Host (
• Twilight Series (…vers_l.jpg)
• 4 Hour Workweek (

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• "The Unspoken Rules of Getting Hired" is about a college senior who learns from several successful mentors on how to interview like a top performer and also how to think like an employer. He uses this secret knowledge as a blueprint for standing out in today’s saturated job market. The techniques taught in this story-based how-to book are new and counter intuitive to what they teach college students today…

• Potential Buyers of the book – Generation Y College Seniors/Grads who are actively looking to improve their job interview skills and are frustrated from getting ineffective interview advice from their career centers, teachers, and over the internet. This demographic is used to having their attention under siege by “scam-like” marketing gimmicks and advertisements and their B.S. detection radar is very keen. This generation favors the design elements displayed in all Apple products and what is evident in the Twilight series as well.

1. I will check back frequently to give lots of feedback and guidance.
2. We assure you that we will be choosing a contest winner.
3. The copyright for the winning book cover design will be wholly owned and all rights reserved by Interview Mastermind LLC.

-We imagine Apple colors (Glossy black or white) to be the featured colors in the background, but are open to any creative interpretations.


-Book Dimensions: 6" x 9" trade paperback, spine width 5/8"
-This contest is for the design of the front cover, back cover, and spine of this book
-2 to 3 different font styles Max on the cover. The font style used for "The Unspoken Rules of Getting Hired" should be unique and readable. We welcome any creative ideas in further communicating the “Unspoken-ness” of the book by selecting a font that subtly screams confidentiality, but it is not required.
-Here is one example of what we imagine - You don't have to go in this direction, but it should give you an idea of how illustrative we want the cover to be: We imagine a picture of the bottom half of a female’s face (see True Blood book cover link above) with either a finger or duct tape in front of her lips to somehow (either directly or subtly) be reflected in the design.
-We welcome other creative interpretations of the “Unspoken-ness” theme to the book and are open to other high definition photo-quality images that communicate our message.
-Easily scalable. All art needs to be in vector format like that produced by Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.
-You will also need to have room for the author’s names and a 4 line testimonial on the front cover.
-I will need the design delivered in a file format that is editable so I can put in the testimonial and other details
***Please Read Discussion Comments For Additional Requirements***

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