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Update Wine Label/ Logo / Brand - Unique Retailer.

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The Wine Point


I'm a small wine retailer with a store and website where I offer a selection of wines under my own brand.
The key to this offering is that I purchase the wine direct from established small wineries, as unlabelled or "cleanskin" bottles. I then label these in store under the various regions and styles.
This way I can offer high quality boutique wines at a much lower price than the branded product. I also operate the store as a sort of cellar door operation, offering tastings to help sell the product.
The business has been trading for 6 years and has a very good reputation with the media and by customers for offering high quality wines at very good prices.
You can get an idea of the business at the website here.

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In essence I'm trying to create a logo/ label that reflects my brand. Quality and value but not cheap!
The labels need to balance the offering - this is a value proposition wine - but they also have to look smart. I want to see these bottles happily taken to restaurants and dinner parties.
I have an existing customer base who know the shop and trust me.
My exisiting customers are generally quite wine aware, male and female even split and aged from mid 20's to 60's. I'm looking at expanding this market and bringing in customers who are more perhaps more interested in the asthetic as in the way the wine tastes .
My word of mouth marketing has been very strong, I'd like the new label to expand on that.


Ok what I need:
The business name brand is
"The Wine Point".
I need 2 label templates, 1 for white wine the other for red. (though if you are feeling creative I would also explore the concept of having different gradiants of colours, to indicate the weight of the wine ie: lighter red for lighter wine styles, dark ready for heavy. Say 3 shades for white, 3 for red).
The label needs to state the brand name and a logo that is different look to the current one. I've attached a file that I currently use as a template. This is just to show text etc required. I'm looking for a change from this look!!

For practical (hand labelling reasons) It needs to be a single label. Labels need to be no higher than 10cm. Width can be up to 14cm. Am flexible within those parameters.

Printing will be on gloss white stock. Text needs to be editable. Final artwork as CS3 pdf or eps. Labels no higher than 10cm. They need to fit on all bottle shapes.

Basic text: (please see attached current file templates)
Shop 24, Birkenhead Point Shopping Centre
Roseby St, Drummoyne, NSW 2047. Ph: 02 9181 4311
Product of Australia 750ml
May have been produced with the aid if fish, egg, milk or nut products. Traces may remain. (this should be in very small font).

There needs to be space for me to add:
1. The wine name and region. Example: "Hunter Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2010"
2. The alcohol content Example" "12% alc, 7.1 std drinks, pres 220 added" This can be in small font.
3. Some text for a tasting note. About 50 words.

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