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CLB Enterprises, Incorporated


All of this information is on my website ( on the "About Us" page... To get you started:

CLB Enterprises, Inc., was formed in 1988 in Portland, Oregon by Mrs. Sherri Biglow. For the last 22 years it has been a company that designs, sells and supplies, on behalf of high quality equipment manufacturing firms, specialized gravity feed shelving to meet the needs of major supermarket chains and convenience stores in the United States.
Over the last 10 years, CLB Enterprises, Inc., has provided customized gravity flow shelving to two major supermarket chains with over 800 market facilities in the Western US.
During this time, CLB Enterprises, Inc., has successfully implemented over 3,000 cooler gravity flow shelving projects (mostly for store renovations and new facility construction).
Additionally, Mrs. Biglow accumulated a formal knowledge base concerning gravity flow shelving product offerings.
Continually applying her understanding to improve gravity shelving display products so that they were longer-lived and more useful (cost effective), CLB Enterprises, Inc., created and eventually patented the Universal Shelf TM and Universal Rack System TM.
Now CLB Enterprises, Inc., exclusively supplies Universal Shelf TM products to the market and supermarket industry throughout the United States.

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My target market is major and multi-state supermarket chains (Safeway, Kroger, Fred Meyer, Vons, etc).
This is an existing market that grows every year and which is always looking for ways to avoid cost and improve service.
More narrowly, my brochure needs to focus on the decision maker in any supermarket chain that deals with procurement/purchasing of dairy cooler display shelving products.
My patented Universal Shelf TM and Universal Rack System TM are of a very different in-store adjustable design than all traditional dairy rack shelving. They don't require any spare parts which need to be purchased and installed whenever a consumer product company (such as Kraft Inc.) changes its product dimensions. They are also much easier to load and clean (improving cooler cleanliness). Currently, using traditional dairy racking, for every $1 spent on new racks each year, supermarket chains have spent as much as $1.16 for additional spare parts due to changes in merchandise dimensions. Because my products are flexible and can fit any product weight or dimension, no additional spare parts are needed, ever. This brochure should be aimed and supermarket corporate management interested in significantly reducing their total cost of ownership, while also making more efficient use of in-store labor and reducing time to display or "face" new consumer products (see


Take a look at my website (
I think two sided letter page (in .ai and .pdf form). Perhaps two dual sided pages!
I like the simple and direct approach we've taken on my "Gallery" page, but it doesn't directly make the point about the huge cost savings my existing supermarket chain clients are achieving.
Here we go...
My products have a lower initial price than my competitors.
My major competitors require additional extra parts on every order.
My products do not require this extra cost at all.
At the beginning of every year, food suppliers designate the changes in the dimensions of their products which will remain in place for that year.
This causes supermarket chains to scramble obtain new item specific shelving trays.
Once they receive their complicated order and manage to distribute certain parts to each store depending upon that store's characteristics, they then hire an outside firm to come into each store and install these item specific trays on their existing dairy racks.
With Safeway alone (1,700 stores), the overall annual cost of this exercise exceeds $5 million.
Through the use of my products, this entire process and its total cost can be eliminated.
Deliver the new merchandise, easily adjust the dividers and put it on the shelf! That's it!
Best of all, the delay to "face" new merchandise in stores disappears...
Food suppliers love this...

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